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Creating Someone Else’s Story

On a very rare day I will shoot a commissioned portrait for someone. I am quite a shy gal and get very nervous withView full post »

Speed Edit: “Let It Go”

I’m in the midst of creating a new video series, so while I process those thoughts and do some shooting for it,View full post »

How I Went From Backed Up To Back In The Game

Let’s get really honest really fast here. I consider myself a good business person. I make decisions swiftly andView full post »

30 Lessons I Learned In My Twenties

I’ll be turning 30 at the beginning of March, and I am excited the same that I am for every passing year. It isView full post »

Thoughts on Creating Fourth Wall

I waited 14 months to share my “Fourth Wall” series with you, and longer if you count the time conceivingView full post »

Fourth Wall: Flood

“Flood”, 42×42 inches (edition of 2), 8×8 inches (edition of 3) From Day 1 of starting the FourthView full post »

Fourth Wall: Locked & Remain

Left: “Locked”, 8×8 inches, Edition of 3 | Right: “Remain”, 8×8 inches, Edition ofView full post »

Fourth Wall: Fragile

“Fragile”, 42×42 inches, Edition of 2 When I began this series, I didn’t pull a lot of themes from my lifeView full post »

Fourth Wall: Unformed

From beginning to end, this shoot with molasses was hysterical, fun and unforgettable. There is something veryView full post »

Fourth Wall: Masked

“Masked”, 8×8 inches, Edition of 3 Sometimes life is funny the way we are so interconnected. I went onlineView full post »

Fourth Wall: Timeless

“Timeless”, 42×42 inches, Edition of 2 My third shoot of the series consisted of an impossibly heavyView full post »

Fourth Wall: Moment

“Moment”, 42×42 inches, Edition of 2 It started in a grocery store. For months I had been dreaming ofView full post »

Fourth Wall: Undone

“Undone”, 42×42 inches, Edition of 2 I had an idea that I didn’t know how to accomplish. I liveView full post »

Fourth Wall Show Opening

At the end of 2015 I had a portfolio review where I was told I wasn’t a serious artist whose work isn’tView full post »

Not Enough, But Something

When you really begin doing charity work, you start to realize something that just about anyone who has ever givenView full post »