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What Does Happiness Look Like?

Sometimes happiness is about redefining that one simple word in our minds. Sometimes it isn’t at all about makingView full post »

Brooke Shaden

The World Owes You Nothing

Whenever I’m feeling down, I remember this one very important rule that I hold myself accountable to: The worldView full post »

Promoting Passion Video Blog: 5 Signs You’re Doing Something Right

How often have you wondered if you’re doing something the right way? From a new business venture to creating aView full post »

Creating “Falling Slowly”

This picture is one of those that has been in my mind forever because in many ways it is not my own. It is an Alice inView full post »

East Coast/West Coast Workshops!

2-Day Storytelling & Compositing Workshop in Fieldsboro/Princeton, NJ on June 13 & 14 This 2-day, 16 hourView full post »

Does It Get Easier?

Anytime we start a new project, we look to the horizon to see a time when things will be easier. We look for thatView full post »

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Promoting Passion Video Blog: Create No Matter What

“Don’t let what you don’t have stop you from what you could create.” How often are we plaguedView full post »

Set Design In-Studio

I wanted the last class I would ever teach at After Dark to be a big one, so I decided to end it with a set designView full post »

Whacking My Head On Tree Branches

I went hiking the other day, and as I was merrily walking along a trail and commenting on how beautiful the dirt lookedView full post »

Dress Sale for School in India

Two things happened this week. 1) I realized I had way too many dresses compared to the amount of closet space (case inView full post »

Promoting Passion Video Blog: Creating the Red Dress

The other week I was teaching a class about how to build a wardrobe for $10 or less, both in what you see in front ofView full post »

Dear Reader, Maybe You Suck

Dear Reader, Maybe you’re no good at your craft. Maybe you aren’t as creative as you think you are. MaybeView full post »

We Are Infinite

In so many ways I am torn in two pieces. I am me, and I am her. I am happy and light and inspired and passionate. I amView full post »

The Power Within

I remember the exact moment that I truly believed I was an artist. It wasn’t the day I picked up my camera, orView full post »

Promoting Passion Video Blog: Underwater How To

Over 3 years ago I made my first video all about underwater photography. Looking back on it I find it endearing notView full post »