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16/31 July Challenge

Oh, what a glorious morning! I got to my favorite hiking spot and no one was around as far as the eye could see. IView full post »

15/31 July Challenge

How often do you let yourself be reborn anew? How often do you challenge your comfort zone, truly – not for showView full post »

14/31 July Challenge

I couldn’t help but be infatuated with the flow of red fabric yesterday, so I opted to try again for anView full post »

13/31 July Challenge

I had an epic hike planned for this morning, my alarm set for 4am and the car all packed. My body had different plans.View full post »

12/31 July Challenge

I had such a busy day yesterday that I didn’t have time to brainstorm my next photo. Well, technically, I didView full post »

11/31 July Challenge

For the video today I thought I’d just have fun and take you with me everywhere! My garage, forest, car,View full post »

10/31 July Challenge

Today the image was inspired by the incomparable ParkeHarrisons, Joel Robison, and my long-standing obsession withView full post »

9/31 July Challenge

How many people live inside of us? How many versions of ourselves are waiting to be born, grow their voice, and takeView full post »

8/31 July Challenge

I had the most perfect morning imaginable. I really mean that, even more than other days that I say the same thingView full post »

7/31 July Challenge

One week in and I can’t think of a better way to be spending my summer. The mornings are cool and dark andView full post »

6/31 July Challenge

Let me recount for you how this Thursday got renamed to “Replace your eyeballs with mushrooms wrapped inView full post »

5/31 July Challenge

I went hiking this morning with my love, as we do many times a week, and I wanted to shoot my image for today on thatView full post »

4/31 July Challenge

Another day, another learning curve. Sometimes I go months at a time never learning anything significant. Since IView full post »

3/31 July Challenge

Today I went to one of my favorite spots where I live. I go on hikes about 3 days a week so I knew this spot well andView full post »

2/31 July Challenge

Well Folks, it was quite a morning! I woke up at 4am knowing I had an hour drive ahead of me to get to my favoriteView full post »