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Life with Anxiety

Perfect representation of how it feels to have anxiety, for me. I speak very openly about my social anxiety. It isn’tView full post »

Taking Responsibility

My business was built on the foundation of happiness. I’ve spoken about this before on Promoting Passion, especiallyView full post »

“Withering Resonance”, An Experimental Video

As many of you know, my background is in filmmaking. I have college degrees in English literature and film. Though IView full post »

Letting The Robot Take Over

I have a question that I very genuinely want to know the answer to. Do you, as an artist, feel that you keep someView full post »

#FailureFriday: Creating Despite

Today’s honest and vulnerable #FailureFriday comes from a story I wanted to share. Some of you may of seen it onView full post »

Creating “Contact”

Yesterday I started editing some images I had shot a few weeks back with no notion of if they would work out or not. IView full post »

Rough Waters

“Rough Waters”, self-portrait taken in Brazil, April 2017, background from Iceland (2015). I am so worriedView full post »


Pretense is strong here online. We see people making their lives seem happier than they really are, or sharingView full post »

Behind the Scenes: Awakening

Lately I have been reminiscing over my earlier photos from when I first started photography. There are still,View full post »

STAY, GO & ADD: Entrepreneur Exercise!

I’m in the process of moving, so I’ve gone through each room in my house to see what stays and what goes.View full post »

Creating Someone Else’s Story

On a very rare day I will shoot a commissioned portrait for someone. I am quite a shy gal and get very nervous withView full post »

Speed Edit: “Let It Go”

I’m in the midst of creating a new video series, so while I process those thoughts and do some shooting for it,View full post »

How I Went From Backed Up To Back In The Game

Let’s get really honest really fast here. I consider myself a good business person. I make decisions swiftly andView full post »

30 Lessons I Learned In My Twenties

I’ll be turning 30 at the beginning of March, and I am excited the same that I am for every passing year. It isView full post »

Thoughts on Creating Fourth Wall

I waited 14 months to share my “Fourth Wall” series with you, and longer if you count the time conceivingView full post »