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Artist Journal Volume 4

The word is SPONTANEOUS, Brooke. I’m letting my voicemail do the talking for this one. Mostly becauseView full post »

Artist Journal Volume 3

Attaching to my weirdness. What is weird art? I think, maybe, there is art, and there is not art. Weird artView full post »

Artist Journal, Volume 2

There was a long period of time when I felt like everything I made had to be amazing. Screw that. I’mView full post »

Artist Journal, Volume 1

I need to explain some complexities of my personality to properly tell you where I’m going lately. TheView full post »

Meant to Be (part 3, final)

Of all the weird things I’ve asked people to do with me, I think this one takes the cake. On one ofView full post »

Meant to Be (part 2)

Sometimes, particularly when I give lectures, I watch as a bewildered crowd looks at me with horror. InevitablyView full post »

Meant to Be (part 1)

Learn the very meaningful story behind this image.View full post »

White Wall Wednesday: Underwater

If you know anything about me, you know that I am not all about spending a ton of money to create images. There is aView full post »

White Wall Wednesday: The Creative Process

The creative process. Is it usually the same for you each time you create, or is it different? Maybe even drasticallyView full post »

White Wall Wednesday: Alone in the Desert in the Dark

“I Am Made of Stories”, self-portrait, November 2018 |  Available through my galleries at:View full post »

How to Deal With Rejection

Read to end for a giveaway. In the wake of the Sony Alpha Female grants being announced, a lot of people have writtenView full post »

White Wall Wednesday: What Speaks to You

​​ Yesterday in my ceramics class I started work on a new sculpture. My studio-mates know I’m weird and creepy,View full post »

Beyond Time

What are you waiting for? What if you really answered that question? What would you discover about yourself? Or doView full post »

White Wall Wednesday: Alternative Process

Hands up if you’ve tried alternative process before! I always thought I had no talent for things like workingView full post »

White Wall Wednesday: Yarn Challenge

I’ve been pretty quiet on the video front even though it’s my favorite way of connecting. Travel, workingView full post »