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31/31 July Challenge

It felt weird writing 31/31, and timely, too. As I reflected on this past month, there were so many sentiments IView full post »

30/31 July Challenge

This morning I was dragging a little bit, hesitant to get out of bed with my 4:30 alarm. I did, as evidenced by myView full post »

29/31 July Challenge

Tell me something – why do you share what you do with others? What draws you into the process of not onlyView full post »

28/31 July Challenge

This is going to be an all-over-the-place blog post, but I have so much to tell you! First, the 15 Day ContentView full post »

27/31 July Challenge

Oh my darlings! What a week it has been. I’ve been working incredibly long days and trying so hard to create theView full post »

26/31 July Challenge

Last night I could tell that I’ve been working too hard (12-14 hour days, this whole past week) and my bodyView full post »

25/31 July Challenge

Some of you know that I wrote a book. However, saying that I wrote a book implies that I would have something to showView full post »

24/31 July Challenge

Adapt, change, learn, grow…OR ELSE. That is what this July challenge is warning me every day. Today my alarmView full post »

23/31 July Challenge

Today I noticed a tendency that I have, and probably that many people would have in completing a daily creativityView full post »

22/31 July Challenge

I’ve shared a very heartfelt message in my video today, so I hope you’ll have a good watch. Which leavesView full post »

21/31 July Challenge

10 more days of my July daily challenge! Time has flown by, and simultaneously I feel like I’ve lived a wholeView full post »

20/31 July Challenge

Day 20 and things got WEIRD today. Seriously, really weird. I did a lot of writhing in front of my camera forView full post »

19/31 July Challenge

These are the places only she knows while counting soul shifts in the movement of her wild rhythm.   There inView full post »

18/31 July Challenge

On my last morning in Joshua Tree, which was yesterday morning, I woke up before the sun as usual. I took a few shotsView full post »

17/31 July Challenge

Oye my loves, am I fired or forgiven?! I went road-tripping to Joshua Tree to check out a venue I might use later on,View full post »