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$10 or Less Photo Ideas on creativeLIVE!

This past week has been an incredible mash-up of inspiration and new adventures. I started out in Salt Lake City, UtahView full post »

Promoting Passion Week 38: Community

What is the number ONE most important thing to me? Community. Or at least it is up there really, really high on myView full post »

How Are You Doing?

Some days I feel so much, and others I pull it all together, go out and conquer my little world. Some days it is aView full post »

To Serve

Even when we don’t try, when we push our feelings and emotions away, when we create with outside inspiration, weView full post »

Promoting Passion Week 37: Person, Place, Thing

When I think about following my passion in life, it all comes down to three categories through which I can understandView full post »

Self Worth

When I started out in photography I couldn’t understand why there were “industry models” andView full post »

The Third Hand

Let’s have an honest talk about why we create. The real insides of what it takes to do what we do, why we do it,View full post »

Homage to Mother Nature

As I plan and prep to shoot something different to what I’ve been doing lately, I needed a day of down time toView full post »

Promoting Passion Week 36: Promote Passion!

Somebody said to me once that if I don’t share my passion with the world, I am doing the world a disservice. ThatView full post »

Reach Greater Depths

Reach greater depths. Do not allow yourself to be defined by where you are now, but instead by where you are going. TheView full post »

This Is Our Story

There will be many mistakes and many triumphs that follow when you choose to pursue your passion. You might feel likeView full post »

And the Crowd Goes Wild

The first time you picked up a camera and clicked the shutter and saw what you created and knew you were hooked, youView full post »

Promoting Passion Week 35: Stress and Love

At any moment in our lives we have the choice to create the art that we want when we want to. That choice isn’tView full post »

Follow the Leader

All my life people have asked me if I am a leader or if I am a follower. Undoubtedly you have been asked, or haveView full post »

Promoting Passion Week 34: Creating a Series

I think that for most artists, of any variety, there comes a time when practicality and reality meets the dream worldView full post »