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The Visual Flow

When your voice finds a visual flow you tend to love all that you create, whether that love lasts or not. Visual flowView full post »

Promoting Passion Week 33: Q&A, Part 1

A few weeks ago I said I would do a Question and Answer video blog as part of my Promoting Passion series, and here itView full post »

If You’re Feeling a Little Blue…

I was inspired the use a parasol in a photo shoot and really wanted to take advantage of a new prop. Now granted I haveView full post »

Promoting Passion Week 32: Love Can Replace Sadness

Love of anything can replace fear, anger and sadness. This is a lesson I am constantly learning and understanding inView full post »

Memories From My Artist Retreat in France

How does one begin to write about an experience that was so far beyond words? I want to tell you about an experience IView full post »

What Twitter Can Teach You

So often when I think about social media and how I interact with it, I think in very vague terms about makingView full post »

Promoting Passion Week 31: Winnie the Pooh Special

People may tell you that there is no formula for success. In fact, I will be the first person to tell you that. IView full post »

Quotes to Heal a Wintry Heart

There is sadness and happiness inside every one of us. If you believe there isn’t, I believe you have not foundView full post »

Promoting Passion Week 30: Try Something New

The other week I got a comment that is not at all unusual, simply saying that I should try new things so as to not getView full post »

How Long It Takes

People ask me sometimes how long it took to develop my style, and I think the reason that question gets asked isView full post »

Promoting Passion Week 29: When Life Refuses to Give You Lemons

Sometimes life gives you lemons, and you make lemonade because, well, that’s just the thing to do. It is sweet andView full post »

What Inspires You

I’ve been very inspired lately by various media influences. I usually opt to find inspiration from within or fromView full post »

Promoting Passion Week 28: $15 Challenge

I put a $15 limit on myself and went out to be inspired. From a thrift store to a convenience store, I found wardrobeView full post »

Artist Retreat in Hana, Hawaii!

A dream comes true every time I am given the opportunity to travel and experience the inspiration ofView full post »

Promoting Passion Week 27: Lies We Tell Ourselves

Humans are master manipulators, that has been tried and true over the years. But what we fail to recognize is just howView full post »