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Promoting Passion Video Blog: Working with Models

For this week’s video I had fun with my friends in the snow, and that felt like a worthy thing to capture on theView full post »

The Death of a Phone

The other day I was wading waist deep in a cesspool (that is little exaggeration) and didn’t realize that I hadView full post »

In Our Little World

Yesterday I was honored by speaking at Imaging USA for the first time. I had never been to the conference before and itView full post »

Promoting Passion Video Blog: Before They Pass

This week I wanted to talk about something that has been close to my heart these last few months. I did a blog about itView full post »

The Gratification of Busy-ness

My new year has been hectic. On January 2nd I drove to Los Angeles, prepped for a retreat I was hosting, and attended aView full post »

Best & Worst Qualities

The other day I blogged about the power of connecting with people, and I realized after writing it that I could do evenView full post »

Connecting Flights

Part 1, Written on Jan 8, 2014 on an airplane flying over the middle of America. I am sitting on a plane right nowView full post »

Promoting Passion Video Blog: Living Your Dream

Isn’t it strange how hard it can be to try something new? I felt that way simply in posting this video.View full post »

Promoting Passion Video Blog: New Year, New Blog & A Speed Edit!

There is no way that I could start a new year without a new endeavor. Stagnation is the enemy and I want to constantlyView full post »

Traversing the Open Sea

Imagine a world where people thought every day was New Year’s day. Imagine a place where potential was alwaysView full post »

2013: A Year in Photos

I asked the amazing lovely people on my Facebook page to send me their favorite photographs that they took in 2013. TheView full post »

New Year, New Blog, New Passions

Well, I have to say, even though writing on this blog looks exactly the same as writing on my old blog, itView full post »

Personal Fave Photos from 2013

What would the start of a new year be without looking back and celebrating accomplishments from the one before. I am aView full post »

Brooke’s Old Blog

Hi guys! If you care to read about the last 3+ years of my life, you can do so at my old blog. I’ve got a ton ofView full post »