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Week 3 Challenge: $5 or Less

This week, I want us to be resourceful! Find something around your house that you already own, go digging in theView full post »

Social Media Strategy Makeover

Recently I sat in a room full of brilliant women talking about careers and dreams and goals. One after another IView full post »

Week 2 Challenge: Animals

Animals. Ah. Let’s involve our pets, find fake bugs, or photograph animals in the wild. Please, no usingView full post »

Organizational Tools for Self-Employment

In many ways, the dream of being an artist is the dream of being self-employed. Often when we think of workingView full post »

Week 1 Challenge: Between Worlds

Weekly challenges have begun! This is our chance for 3 wonderful things: To connect to our greatest creativityView full post »

Batch Working

Taken while batch recording videos the other day! I decided that I wanted to be able to take a few months off of myView full post »

Charity Costume Sale

Loves, is there anything better than having a one-stop-shop for costumes while giving to charity at the same time?View full post »

The Promoting Passion Tour

I started Promoting Passion years ago. It was a way of bringing together two seemingly opposed words: promoting,View full post »

Artist Journal Volume 6

Y’all, what a night. What a week. What a journey these few months have been. I went from a strong conceptView full post »

Artist Journal Volume 5

What an intense couple of weeks. I’ve worked 14-16 hour days every single day. I launched PromotingView full post »

Artist Journal Volume 4

The word is SPONTANEOUS, Brooke. I’m letting my voicemail do the talking for this one. Mostly becauseView full post »

Artist Journal Volume 3

Attaching to my weirdness. What is weird art? I think, maybe, there is art, and there is not art. Weird artView full post »

Artist Journal, Volume 2

There was a long period of time when I felt like everything I made had to be amazing. Screw that. I’mView full post »

Artist Journal, Volume 1

I need to explain some complexities of my personality to properly tell you where I’m going lately. TheView full post »

Meant to Be (part 3, final)

Of all the weird things I’ve asked people to do with me, I think this one takes the cake. On one ofView full post »