Portfolio Reviews

Portfolio Reviews

We are nearing the end of the year, and I feel that there is no better time to recap and revamp your portfolio than right now…in preparation for the new year!

I love helping other artists with their craft, whether it be through workshops, emails, or giving portfolio reviews. I am opening up 100 spaces to have your portfolio reviewed in the next couple of weeks. All you have to do is submit and poof! A written portfolio review will be delivered to your inbox. Here is everything you need to know:

Spaces: 100

Cost: $50

Description: A Portfolio Review consists of a one page analysis of the registrant’s portfolio. The review will be broken into three sections: style words, strengths, and suggestions. I will provide five words that I feel encapsulate your style, three strengths I see your portfolio having, and three suggestions that might improve upon your portfolio.

Charity: 20% of the profits go to The Light Space, photography school for survivors of human trafficking.

Example: Please see this example (a review of my own portfolio that I did myself…not weird at all) to see the length and layout of the review.

What to send: When you register for the review, you will answer a survey before completing payment. In that survey you will provide a link through which I can review your portfolio. Individual images may not be attached or submitted. If you do not have a website, please upload your selected images to a photo sharing website like Flickr or 500px before registering.

Timeline: Registrants can expect to receive their written portfolio review within two weeks of purchase. Portfolios will be reviewed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Furthering Education: If after you receive your review you would like to schedule a Skype mentoring session, that option will be available to you. Skype sessions are 45 minutes in length, are driven by questions you feel need more in-depth discussion, and the cost is $250.

Qualifications: I have judged many portfolio competitions, like Australia’s Emerging Photographer in 2016, and am represented by five galleries across the U.S., Portugal, and The Netherlands. I have been hosting workshops and artist retreats since August 2010 and have given portfolio reviews to hundreds of attendees. I have received portfolio reviews from galleries and individuals which have paved new paths for my career.

Additional Q&A:

Q: Is this refundable?

A: Yes, but only until November 6th at 7:00PM PST.

Q: Is this only for artists who do what do you?

A. No! I review many different types of portfolios and welcome any type of photography.

Q: Can I send you images?

A: Images may only be sent via a URL, which you will enter while registering for the review. If you do not have a website you wish to link to, I recommend signing up for a Flickr or 500px account and uploading your selected images. I will not be judging your website of choice or the presentation, only the images it contains.

Q: How many images will you look at?

A: I will look at up to 10 images. If there are more than that on the website you send, I will review the first ten images.
Q: Will you review images individually or as a whole portfolio?
A: I will be reviewing the entire portfolio, but may reference specific images if it is relevant.