Well, I have to say, even though writing on this blog looks exactly the same as writing on my old blog, it feels…different. Special. And I intend to make it so!

I moved blogs because this year I have new hopes for myself (personally and professionally). I want to do as much as is humanly possible to help in any way that I can, and that extends to anyone reading this blog to the charity work I’ll be doing in India (and hopefully more!).

Promoting Passion is a big idea that I’ll be introducing a little bit at a time. You’ll see that you can get ideas for various charities you can become involved with, and in time that will grow into a campaign that anyone can join to teach workshops to underprivileged groups…but that will come out in it’s own time, when all of the appropriate contacts are collected.

So! In the meantime, I’ll be writing here like my usual self, sharing new images, essays, and what I hope to be inspirational thoughts. But I’m adding something a little different to this blog. Every Monday of the new year I’ll be releasing a video. If you ever have a question or idea for a video topic, please do let me know and I will do my best to answer it. Every Monday you can check in here for a new message, and the topics range from how-to videos for shooting and editing to thoughts on inspiration…and everything in between.

It’s the start of 2014. It is the perfect time to try new things and inspire yourself. But always remember that every moment of every day holds that same opportunity, and it is up to us to take it. I hope you enjoy the new blog, and thank you INFINITELY for being here…my world is brighter for it.