What Twitter Can Teach You

What Twitter Can Teach You

So often when I think about social media and how I interact with it, I think in very vague terms about making connections and furthering my business. These are, after all, the reasons why social media exist…at least largely. When I talk about how I use social media personally, not so much as a business, I often groan about it. I don’t particularly love sharing intimate details about my life, or extraneous details either. I love talking about my passions and inspiring myself.

Yet sometimes social media allows me to inspire myself without even knowing it. Case in point – Twitter. I use twitter fairly frequently because I like to share about the things that inspire me. Yet every once in a while I start to write something that starts withย negativity, either about what happened to me or how I felt about something. Every single time I find myself writing something like that, Twitter gives me a swift and constant reminder to stop thinking so negatively.

Bad things happen to people all the time, small or big or something in between. How we react to those situations defines us. So when I start to post something on social media that is in any way a negative outlook of the situation, I then solidify my belief in that negativity. I never want to perpetuate the idea that a negative outlook is the healthiest one to adopt.

So now, every time I start to write something negative, I stop myself. I realize that what I am saying does not portray me in the way that I want to be seen…or rather, as the person I want to be. I re-evaluate the situation and decide, wholeheartedly, to see the situation differently. The great thing about being on a computer is that you can edit yourself and change your opinion through carefully chosen words. It allows you time to really think about who you want to be, why you want to be that person, and how to put that out there in the most genuine way possible.

So next time you take to Twitter or Facebook and you want to say something negative, think about the impact you can have on other people and yourself. Sharing negativity, even in the smallest, seemingly insignificant ways, can bring other people down. It can bring YOU down as well. Take that 140 character box as a challenge to put goodness into the world. Take the photos you post on Facebook or the words you write in your status update as an opportunity to be the best you that you can be.

Have enough courage to encourage; have enough strength to support.

Share your Twitter link below, and then be sure to write something on your Twitter that puts positivity in the world. Something personal, something technical, something insightful…anything you wish. I’d love to read it.

Myย “Person I Want To Be” Twitter.ย 

39 thoughts on “What Twitter Can Teach You

  1. It’s a good practice! If I find myself starting something negative, I’ll ask myself what good will it do, or how can I make the best of it, and go from there! My twitter is a bit in the sparse side, but it’s trying! I’m @GaTT I’ll have to step up my game for sure!

    1. I love that you allow yourself to edit and pull back for the safe of others and yourself. Such a good habit to be in!

  2. Yes! I am so happy to see someone encourage positive interaction on social media. Often times I am overwhelmed by all the negativity online and I just need to take a break from it all.

    You my dear a are little ray of sunshine and I love it! xo

    I rarely use my twitter because I find it difficult to be clever in a 140 characters ( wink) but here it is @kristannevphoto

  3. I haven’t jumped on the twitter train. I do try to only post to Facebook and Instagram happy thoughts and happy things like clouds. Your posts always make me smile Brooke <3 I also unfollowed everyone who doesn't post something happy or inspirational ๐Ÿ™‚ Just some advice I got from a fellow happiness enthusiast ;P

    1. Good advice, no idea who thought of that.. ๐Ÿ˜› hehe! It is my favorite thing I’ve ever done. XOXO

  4. Great reminder that I needed… so often what we say (and don’t say) can speak volumes about us. Since I am still figuring out how to interact in Twitterverse… I’ll take this to heart in “real world” as well.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. No twitter handle (or not one that’s used), but I did share this on FaceBook. Love this post – try to live it most days and if not I stay silent. Like my mother said, If you have nothing nice to say . . . .

  6. I absolutely agree. There is way too much negativity in the world already, why add to it. I am @illustratorlady and although I don’t use twitter a lot (maybe because of all the negativity) I do like to post some positive thing I’m doing from time to time. Thanks for all the inspiration and positivity!

  7. Hi Brooke!

    I love your positivity. And I love the idea that, by choosing our words and choosing what we want to put out into the world, we actually choose who we become on the inside, too.

    We are what we think/say/do.

    And I think it’s good, too, to remember that there’s a difference between trying to “look good” to the outside world through what we put out there (a.k.a. The “Humblebrag”) and consciously deciding to be a positive person and putting positive thoughts out into the world.


    1. Hi Bonnie! I really think that the more we practice becoming who we want to be, the faster we can get there. You are such a lovely person in all ways, and I’m glad to know you.

  8. Brooke,

    Such a wonderful reminder about the power of our words and the kind of energy that we’re sending out there. I definitely try to use my small social media platform as a way to encourage people into more loving relationships with themselves, and allow themselves to let their personal truth shine through.
    My twitter is https://twitter.com/Jenkiaba
    Looking forward to seeing more of your tweets!

    1. I love that you put love out there! No matter how big or small of a change it makes, it will create change and someone will be helped <3

  9. Here is my Twitter: https://twitter.com/ladykathy62.

    I loved your post and on my Facebook page, I try to only put positive and encouraging messages out there. There is enough ugliness in the world but at the same time there is more beauty, we just need to open our eyes to it.

    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Brooke, your posts always make feel happy and motivated! I absolutely agree with you on this subject.

    I don’t use my Twitter account that much, but I try to share inspiring articles and quotes I find around the web whenever I can, and I like to follow only creative/inspiring/positive people. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I also use Facebook to post motivational quotes, share the photos I take, write (in spanish, hehe) about things that inspire me and share funny anecdotes that happen in my daily life ( I like to make people laugh). I’m an introvert, so putting my creative work and my thoughts on social media has been a true challenge for me, but it’s definitely worth it! It’s amazing how most people respond positively when you share your authentic self.

    Thanks to social media, I have found amazing people that inspire me everyday to become a better person and professional: you (obviously!), Alex Beadon, Marie Forleo, Sue Bryce, Scott Robert, Nikki Ellidge, and so many more. You all help me specially on those days when I’m feeling down and burned-out; so I guess for me, writing about something positive it’s a way to express my deepest gratitude to this inspiring community and also to give back some of this motivation to the world. Who knows, maybe I’m inspiring someone else too! ๐Ÿ™‚

    This is my Twitter account: @natty_sv

  11. Mostly, I just retweet cool photos or blogs that I’ve come across. Good stuff that I want to share.

    When posting on FB, sometimes I write something not so nice and immediately delete it BEFORE I post. I feel better getting it out of my system, but no one sees it! And you’re right, who needs drama or negativity? I choose happiness. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Twitter is @PhotoByFredette

  12. I’m here: @tara_eveland and I just tweeted to you Brooke. I honestly do not use twitter that much. And I have really slowed down on using my Facebook.
    I have however found one method that I found really good and lets me write what I want to say without actually saying it to the person or to the world.
    I open a blank word doc. then type out what I really want to say. Then hit delete. I take a deep breath. Turn off my computer, Give it a day, then I come back and write the professional and inspiring response that I want to say to whatever situation was presented.
    Because, I have in the past made the mistake of falling into never ending arguements or debates over opinions, or even situations with clients that I could have handled much better if I had just taken the time to process my feelings, then come back with a new and fresh look at the situation.
    As humans, we all do this, we see some injustice or something we strongly disagree with and we WANT to immediately remedy it, but unfortunately no matter how much passion you might have about one way or the other, someone else has just as much about their point of view. SO, its really best to do what you suggest and think about ‘what do I WANT TO GIVE of me to this situation or person’ and I think we all do deep down want it to be the best of ourselves.

  13. You are one of the most grounded people I have ever met. I do know many that are and that a aren’t. I totally recognize and gravitate toward that mindset of positive. That said, I have seen so many rants & arguments on Facebook that I am astounded that they put that out there. I did have a friend doing just that & I spoke to her privately and she now has stopped that. Sometimes it takes a negative step to reach the positive step and know that is better than the latter. I also, shared my personal health issue with you and I would like to follow it up with a very very positive statement. I had my 6 month doctors appointments last week, and am officially in remission. Had 2 shoots this past weekend, the first since my diagnosis. I am sore, but happy & empowered. When you fight a life changing health issue, you really don’t want the negative and really appreciate all the positive. Life is good. Now if the world would realize how wonderful it could be, if we all just loved more! Thanks Brooke for all that you share!

  14. There are so many things I want write, to ask, compliment, state and compliment your photography, your skills, your humility, your beauty, your artistry, how amazing you are, YOU…but all I will say now is, THANK YOU.


  15. @kristy_slicker is my Twitter. LOA says you get more of what you focus on, so I agree- ditch the negatives!

  16. i start using twitter again after such a long time. using it as my reminder of people thought n my thought n share itโ€ฆ sometimes when read someone’s or my tweet can be so inspiring the same as writing itโ€ฆ mine is @sulvia_su ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Adore your posts a great reminder of the ripple effect we all have. .. still learning twitter and all the apps that connect them! Here’s my handle @KYanickPhotos

  18. I just finished watching your first two promoting passion videos on YouTube and was blown away! Thank you for sharing your passion.

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