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Week 18 Challenge: Yarn

Yarn is the most interesting prop! It is soft, organic…can strangle, can mend…The colors are endless,View full post »

WEEKLY ROUNDUP! {April 11-18}

Do you know the feeling of total excitement when you start a new project? I don’t always feel it, but sometimesView full post »

Weekly Roundup! {April 5 – April 10}

I have been sharing so much content that I’m actually overwhelming myself, so I thought I must be overwhelmingView full post »

Why Investment in Art Matters

As I speak to more and more people from all age groups, there is a mounting desire to be self-employed and aView full post »

Week 17 Challenge: Red

It’s no secret that I love using the color red in an image. Why? Because it’s evocative. It symbolizesView full post »

Soft and Strong: a look at anxiety

One of my friends, Heather, recently wrote to me “I see you as you are, soft and strong…” andView full post »

Week 16 Challenge: Perspective

Sometimes the best way to get out of your head is to change your perspective. Literally. If you work with aView full post »

10 Things I Love (dark edition)

It’s a freaky round of 10 Things I Love… and I wouldn’t have it any other way. My dark heart needsView full post »

Week 14 Challenge: Self Portrait

A self-portrait does not have to be the whole self. If you’re not there yet with that kind of work (and itView full post »

Passion-Based Branding

+ A branding test! If you are someone who… Makes art and has a business Makes art and doesn’t have aView full post »

Foster Care Update

I debated if I would write this because I keep my personal life really personal. But this is one of those thingsView full post »

Week 13 Challenge: Night

Night is such an interesting challenge. To shoot at night takes enormous skill, so that in itself is difficult. ToView full post »

Insight into Entering Photography Contests

I’ve been honored as a judge of photo competitions many times over in the past few years. I enterView full post »

Week 12 Challenge: Multiples

From 1 to 100, put as many people or things in your images as you want! These are all manipulated so that eachView full post »

Free from Money Expectation

Major breakthrough time.Which means major letting go,coming to terms,etc. Lindsay Adler must be my soulmate,View full post »