PPC 2023

PPC 2023

Oct 2-6, 2023
Dahlonega, GA, USA

Promoting passion, creativity, and connection.

  • Hands on workshops & inspiring lectures
  • Some of the biggest creative world changers
  • A safe haven of community
  • Opportunities to create new artworks
  • Business consultation included
  • A place to focus on your art and impact

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This year, we’re harnessing the power of community and creating a retreat-style experience that limits the size of the group to 50 and promotes true creative fellowship.

2023 brings us the Promoting Passion Retreat!

You can expect hands-on workshops, inspiring lectures, expert-led and freestyle photo shoots, brainstorming, making, goal-setting, critiques, and a lot of ART.

Learn new techniques and make art that will shine in your portfolio. Create lasting friendships with other artists. Dive deeper into what makes you a unique artist, and how to harness that.

I hope to see you at the Promoting Passion Retreat!

Please read all details thoroughly!

These speakers bring the highest creativity, insight, and techniques to our event.

Lindsay Adler

World-renown fashion photographer

Joshua Mohr

Best-selling author

Maggie Taylor

Internationally acclaimed fine artist

Workshop 1:
Exploring Color 

Color is one of the most powerful tools available to photographers, and Lindsay is passionate about color! We will begin by diving into color theory including a study of color harmonies, color wheels, additive and subtractive color, as well as color grading. You’ll learn how color can be utilized in every part of the photographic process, from concept development, to post-processing! In a live demonstration, you will learn how to use colors of light to create mood, drama and impact in your images.


In the meantime, let me tell you about how I found Joshua. I attended a writing conference and got to hear him give a lecture about characterization in novels. Standard fare for a topic, right? But what I got out of listening to him was a full-tilt, surround-sound barrage of inspiration that had me smiling the entire hour. Once I arrived back home, I emailed right away to see if I could snatch him up. Stay tuned!

Lecture: 30 Years
of Surreal Evolution

Over the course of almost 30 years Maggie Taylor has worked with Photoshop to craft dreamlike, surreal digital images.  This presentation will include the evolution of her work with a focus on very recent images.  Maggie will share her thoughts on building a image, including how that image changed over time as she worked on it.  She will also share thoughts on digital decision-making, auditioning characters, and knowing when an image is complete.

Workshop 2: Creative
In-Camera Studio Techniques

Achieve eye-catching creative results in the studio without relying on Photoshop! In this class Lindsay will demonstrate a variety of her favorite creative studio techniques including specialty modifiers, creative filters, shutter drag, and more. You’ll be able to take these techniques home to fuel new energy, inspiration and excitement for studio shoots!

Writing Personal Stories

In this intensive workshop, we will cover techniques to tell our personal stories in the most authentic and dynamic way. How can we as storytellers make our books feel so intimate that it’s like the author whispers her story in our ear? That’s the high bar we need to set for ourselves. We will also discuss ways to curate our system of life experience into a sovereign work of art, so that our narratives read with the most stunning velocity that they can.

Workshop (x2): Building Seamless Digital Collages in Photoshop

Join Maggie Taylor for an overview of her favorite Photoshop tools and techniques for putting together a cohesive and delightful digital collage. Maggie will share her ideas on working with care and flexibility, allowing for lots of changes in the images over time. At the end of the presentation you will have a clear understanding of how Maggie assembles a variety of source materials into a painterly and whimsical finished image.

Included in the price of your registration is a 1-1 in-person business consultation with Christine Heidel! Consultations will last 15 minutes. Once registered, you will receive more information about signing up for a space. Christine is the owner of a multi-six-figure jewelry business, and was previously the owner of an art gallery in Seattle, WA. Topics of your consultation can include: website critique, marketing/branding strategies, pricing review, diversification of income, social media critique, and more.

Check-in is Monday, Oct 2nd from 4:00PM – 6:00PM.
Dinner is served at 6:30PM, followed by a Meet & Greet at 8:00PM.

8:00AM-9:15AM Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
8:45AM-9:15AM Orientation Optional
Forest Walk
Forest Walk
9:30AM-10:30AM Lecture:
Joshua Mohr
Maggie Taylor
Lindsay Adler
10:45AM-11:45AM In Conversation:
A Gallery’s Perspective
Story Sessions:
Melissa Steifel
Quinn Miller
Judi Bommarito
Roundtable Discussions
12:00PM-1:00PM Lunch Lunch Lunch
1:30PM-3:30PM Workshops:
Brooke Shaden
Maggie Taylor
Maggie Taylor
Lindsay Adler
Lindsay Adler
Joshua Mohr
4:00PM-6:00PM Creative
6:30PM-7:30PM Dinner Dinner Dinner
8:00PM-10:00PM Art Show Hands-on Creative Session Closing

*Subject to change.


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Register for the Promoting Passion Convention through my website:

Promoting Passion Convention
in Dahlonega, GA on Oct 2-6, 2023.

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Prices range from: $1247-1797
*Payment plan available*

Each registration includes:

  • 4 nights’ accommodation in a unique rural retreat setting
  • 4 full buffet breakfasts, 3 lunches, 4 dinners including non-alcoholic beverages with options for vegans & vegetarians
  • Access to 3+ full days of content, including
    • A special welcome session 
    • 3 hands-on workshops
    • 3 lectures
    • 3 photoshoots with professional models and guidance
    • An opportunity to exhibit work in an art show (put it on your CV!)
    • A quarter of an hour targeted business consultation 
    • PLUS other creative sessions and an opportunity to connect with like-minded people.

Registrants will receive a welcome email with instructions on joining our Facebook group where you can meet other attendees and coordinate roommates.

The closest airport is the Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL), which is a 1hr 29min drive from the venue.

Total cost includes 4 nights at the resort, 3 buffet meals per day, and your PPR registration.

Room for 1 person = $1797
Room for 2 people = $1397
Room for 3 people = $1247

Payment plans are available through PayPal as 3 consecutive monthly installments.

Sign up by March 20th for these early bird rates!
Prices will rise by $100 per tier.

Check-in between 4-6pm on Monday, October 2nd.
Check-out before 11am on Friday, October 6th.

COVID-19 PRECAUTIONS: Participants should wear a mask if feeling ill, test for COVID-19 if suspected, and stay home in case of a positive COVID-19 test.

Please contact Callandra here with questions.