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Congrats on Explore

I started my photography journey on Flickr, back when it was the behemoth of the photo-centered social media scene.View full post »

Learning to Fly

I’ve been to Kolkata, India on 8 separate trips since 2013. It has become a second home for me. Even theView full post »

The Experience of the Artist

Let us open with one of my favorite poems by Mary Oliver, “A Dream of Trees”: There is a thing in me thatView full post »

Stress and Productivity

First, let’s get a show of hands (well you know, virtual hands in the comments) of who considers themselvesView full post »

Being Weird is Gold

In June of 2019 I went to New Zealand. It was winter, but not horrendously cold. Just windy and a little bitView full post »

When Will I Be Ready?

Every single day I sit down to write. And every single day I tell myself I am writing. The truth is, I rarelyView full post »

Secondary Trauma

Please forgive me for being emotionally raw in this post. I usually try to reign it in and focus my attention moreView full post »


Let’s talk about the artist’s evolution. As you continue in your craft – grow, change, repeatView full post »

Soft and Strong: a look at anxiety

One of my friends, Heather, recently wrote to me “I see you as you are, soft and strong…” andView full post »

Passion-Based Branding

+ A branding test! If you are someone who… Makes art and has a business Makes art and doesn’t have aView full post »

Free from Money Expectation

Major breakthrough time.Which means major letting go,coming to terms,etc. Lindsay Adler must be my soulmate,View full post »

Sell Out

I think the term “sell out” was largely created for artists by other artists who never achieved as much success.View full post »

10 Things I Love

Here’s another 10 Things I Love! I hope that you get to digest some of them this weekend and that you start nextView full post »

10 Things I Love

(c) Mab Graves This week, take a look at these 10 things that inspire me. I hope you find inspiration here, too!View full post »