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What Won’t Serve You

As anyone starting out in a new business, you meet people who will guide you, or attempt to. Being new at somethingView full post »

Creating Art Anywhere

This year has been an incredible lesson in how I create. From an 8 foot box built with my own two hands, to theView full post »

Building a Set

In my years as a photographer I can remember a handful of times when I told myself I was going to be more proactive inView full post »

Letting Go of Creative Baggage

I felt a transition coming on. You can always feel them from miles away but sometimes you choose to ignore them, andView full post »

The Mightiest of Swords

A lot of times I get asked how long I’ve been a photographer. There are so many ways I want to answer thatView full post »

Favorite Works of 2015

I am a big believer in making time to analyze newly created works. At the end of each year I put together a personalView full post »

Promoting Passion Week 88: Create Your Dreams

I was on a trip in Iceland. It had been five days with my friends, driving around in RVs, our little homes crammedView full post »

Use It For Good

While I was traveling I overheard two statements that made me sad: “I can’t believe how stupid humanityView full post »

Promoting Passion Week 87: Think Outside The Box!

The other day, something amazing happened. I broke my, what seems like, year long creative block. I’ve beenView full post »

Promoting Passion Week 83: Collaboration Week 3

Hello LOVELY community! This is the final day of our 3-week collaboration and I am just so thrilled with the results.View full post »

Does Your Darkness Speak?

When I dream, I dream of death. But when I’m living my normal, everyday life, it is filled with so much joy.View full post »

Promoting Passion Week 78: Creating “The Weight of a Feather”

The STORY A year ago I traveled to France to shoot in the most spectacular location I had ever seen. I got there,View full post »

Training for the Creative Marathon

We can learn a lot from athletes. They know, factually and without dispute, that they must practice before theyView full post »

On The Horizon

There exists within each of us a certain fear that hangs above our heads like a black cloud, threatening to pour rainView full post »

Promoting Passion Week 73: An Unsung Song

There is a certain song that we sing, sometimes without realizing that our voice escapes our clenched throat, thatView full post »