14/31 July Challenge

14/31 July Challenge


I couldn’t help but be infatuated with the flow of red fabric yesterday, so I opted to try again for an opposite style image. Blue fabric instead of red, and candles burned out instead of flaming. I thought it was a nice counterpart. Not to mention entirely too much fun to freak my neighbors out. Sometimes I wonder if they’ll be glad when I move, or if they will miss me. Sometimes I even wonder if they might find my blog. Doubt it.

For today’s video I’m sharing the setup for this image (and consequently yesterday’s as well!). It has been nice shooting a little bit later in the day (I shot this at 8:30am rather than 5:30am). However, tomorrow I’m back to the early shoots, and it is going to be a FUN one! Instead of shooting really early today, I went hiking instead. I walked with my love along a river and picked blackberries as we went. It was incredibly delightful.

I admit though, today I’m rushing through this process because I’ve got meetings and deadlines. It seems like yesterday was international email day, because I got absolutely swamped last night between 7pm and 6am! I have a bushel of emails. A flock of emails. A murder of emails. Help. Me.

So that said, real life calls today. However, this weekend will be one of no real life whatsoever. I’m headed to Joshua Tree on Sunday and can’t wait to create while I’m there!

9 thoughts on “14/31 July Challenge

  1. Joshua Tree!??? Oh my most massive bucket list place to visit! I cannot **wait** to go there one day!!! I am so looking forward to seeing what you create while you are there. Ahhh swooooon!
    Safe and happy adventures dear Brooke xx

    1. I’ll take pics for you! I’ve driven past a dozen times but never stopped. I’m excited! I’ll be camping in my trusty hammock, cannot wait!

  2. A whole herd of emails. Oodles of emails. Well that’s all I got.
    Kinda wish I would have emailed you since it was “international email day” I feel left out! LOL
    Even though you freak your neighbors out I’m sure they will miss you, you are probably the most interesting thing in the neighborhood. 😉

    I love the photo and the setup. Flowing material is one of if not my most favorite thing to carve! Something about trying to mimic it is just so wonderful!
    Have fun on you early morning photo shoot tomorrow. 🙂

      1. ALL DAY!?!? What did you do that got everybody riled up? LOL
        You should get “Dragon” dictation software, it would save your hands. My mom uses it and loves it! 🙂

  3. Blue with Yellow is one of my favorite combinations, so I admire your ability to make the gown blue and the veil yellow. — First rate, Brooke.

  4. I absolutely love your posts! It’s such a big challenge you’re making.
    I admire your determination, you have inspired me to go forward with my fine art photography projects on a daily-basis.

    It made me laugh, what you said about your neighbours! Hahaha. I’m sure they’ll find out your blog someday! Or come across one of your pictures.

    I wish you the best, have a beautiful week with lots of creation!
    Loved both pictures by the way!

    Cheers from Venezuela, a country of uncertainties and turmoil. Wishing the best with lots of hope and strength.

  5. Yey I wondered what image would appear on my birthday and I love this one. How you pull together such an intricate image from a basic set up is jaw dropping. No excuse for me not to create really is there?

    I am getting my book out and starting to brainstorm ideas, making a list of my props, costumes etc and going from there…..

    I love your clothes rail btw esp the froo froo one at teh front……I have a wardrobe full too 🙂

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