18/31 July Challenge

18/31 July Challenge

On my last morning in Joshua Tree, which was yesterday morning, I woke up before the sun as usual. I took a few shots before the sun began to rise, but they felt a little bit lackluster. It might have been because the sun rose so red and big on the mountain, or because I was feeling energized by the rising warmth in the air. Whatever the reason, I wanted to shoot with the sun behind me, to get that glow that I finally captured. I never shoot in that way, so it was a departure from what I’m used to. Isn’t it incredible how something so small and insignificant as taking a picture in a slightly different way than usual can stir up so many emotions – feelings of doubt and insecurity and excitement?

This month is for trying those new things, both for the experience and to see how I handle them. That is always the trick with trying something new; anyone can do it, but not everyone will handle it the same way. This month I’ve been tweaking the way I work while shooting, editing, and even writing. I’m stretching.

I simply can’t see the point in creating if everything looks the same – but more so, if everything feels the same. If every experience is the same, every image, every explanation, then why? I want to feel new winds at my back, be buoyed by feathers and embrace the uncertainty. I want to know that I am learning every day, that I am becoming someone slightly new and different, and even more strange…because sometimes it seems that anyone who wants to embrace their authenticity is just a little too weird for the day-to-day.

Something as simple as photographing into the sun might seem trivial and banal, and honestly, it is, quite. But for me something so simple represents a shift in the way I think and what possibilities my mind is open to. It excites me because I get a glimpse of the person I might become, and she is free and willing and eager, even in the face of the rising sun…which, by the way, she never would have been okay with even a few months ago.

I wish you lots of growth today. I’m off to shoot my next concept and video and edit that all together, because I’m a day of uploading behind thanks to no Internet and a malfunctioning computer! So, I’ll be back later today with Day 19!

5 thoughts on “18/31 July Challenge

  1. Feathers have so many meanings, I’m surrounded with white ones at the moment as my geese are moulting as are my doves. Taking flight to reach a destination or goal is exciting, as is this image. So different for you, but yet so YOU too.

    It’s great to try something new, to expand horizons etc….I see the new Dr Who is a woman….now that’s also new!

  2. I love the sun at our back on this, I am so glad you were inspired to do this, it worked out beautifully! 🙂
    I will check the other post out later, I have to go do some work outside.

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