23/31 July Challenge

23/31 July Challenge

Today I noticed a tendency that I have, and probably that many people would have in completing a daily creativity challenge: Repetition of the known. Just think – if you were creating an image everyday, and you had limited time to do so, wouldn’t you have a natural inclination to choose ideas that you feel secure in knowing how to create, rather than ones you aren’t sure how they will turn out? Time is precious, and I don’t always have all day to try and fail and try again.

I have tried very hard this month not to let that way of thinking interfere with my concepts. So far, so good. I’ve been trying so many new things and learning so much. Today was no exception. I went out shooting with zero guesses as to if what I was doing would work out. It was something I had never done before, and I was having trouble wrapping my brain around exactly how I needed to shoot to allow it to come together in Photoshop.

I had a good feeling about what I was doing, mostly because it rained everywhere but on top of me, the sunrise was as orange as could be, and a rainbow appeared right over my shooting spot – mountain to mountain. So, I went on my merry way taking pictures and laughing to myself and running all around, this time trying to keep my shoes on as long as possible since my feet are becoming increasingly hole-y this month with all the barefoot running I’ve been doing in the desert.

I know I am a broken record about this, but can I just say how wildly fulfilled I have been this month? I’m not sure if you have ever dedicated yourself to creativity in this way before, but it makes me feel like everyday is a story and every creation is precious. It makes me believe in my creativity and my ability to adapt to change, as well as learn techniques I never before thought of learning.

What have you learned recently in your craft?

Today I wanted to show you the initial stages of choosing images and putting the picture together, totally unsure of if it would look anything like what I saw in my head. I knew there was a strong possibility of having to reshoot, but I’m pleased to say that didn’t have to happen today. It would have been okay though, because I was willing to dedicate my entire day to getting it right. Now, I’ve got an entire day to keep working on the content I have coming for you on August 1. I can’t wait.

Good luck today on whatever you’re working on! Though luck has nothing to do with it, it’s all try and try again. Big hugs!

3 thoughts on “23/31 July Challenge

  1. Well….that worked out rather well didn’t it?
    Cracking idea to use the fishbowl inverted.
    Loved the video explaining your reservations on this shoot and the speed edit, good to know I’m not the only one who has doubts at the beginning of editing.

    Will you be doing an exhibition at all based on your July extravaganza?

  2. I have never created a image everyday, I don’t have the time right now, but hope to try it soon!
    The newest technique I have is frequency separation in PS, I am using to edit some wildlife and landscape shots, for sharpening mostly.
    This photo today turned out really nice. I love the idea you had !!!
    I can’t wait for you august class!!!

    I love the sunrise!!!

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