27/31 July Challenge

27/31 July Challenge

Oh my darlings! What a week it has been. I’ve been working incredibly long days and trying so hard to create the best content for you. Today is the day! The 15-Day Content Creation Challenge is open for registration! And it is PAY WHAT YOU CAN! Literally, pay only what you want for the challenge. Not a cent more. Take full advantage of that, I want you to.

Take a look at the details for the 15 Day Content Creation Challenge!

This month has opened my eyes to the vibrancy and fragility of life. Our time is not guaranteed, and I want to make the most of every moment. For me, that means expressing myself through art, exploring who I am and traveling deeper into my own depths. By doing so, I can better connect to others, and, in my wildest dreams, help them with their craft, too.

I wanted to create a flower image today because of that inspiration, so I decided to create this, which is an update from a similar image from last year. It felt so natural to create this today, and it came together so easily, like it was begging to be made. That was a very welcome change of pace from my very hectic life all week. I have one more important meeting that I have to do lots of preparing for tomorrow, and then I can focus again just on creating this weekend.

I hope that you enjoy the Content Creation challenge, I really do.

Lots of hugs today!

6 thoughts on “27/31 July Challenge

  1. I am going to go see what I have for money right now, so I can get signed up!
    The stop motion of you circling is a little creepy! LOL

  2. Giving your challenge serious thought (gulp)
    So wanting to create and this may just give me the motivation to do so. Agree withGallagher, that stop motion looks like you’re possessed lol.

    Love the sftness of this image.
    I’ve just had a scroll through all your creations to date….
    Wow just wow!
    Can I have some of whatever your having for breakfast lol

    1. I have done two of Brooke’s online challenges in the past, and let me tell you, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!! They are crammed with information, insight, lots of fun, and wonderful people! Nearly every FaceBook friend I have came from challenges, they have become great friends, and I never would have meet them if I hadn’t taken the leap and did the challenge! So please try it, I know you will love every minute of it! 🙂
      Plus 40% of the proceeds goes to the THE LIGHT SPACE, a wonderful charity!

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