When I was very little I was encouraged to do whatever made me happy. Aside from turning me into a massively messy person, it also made me question, extensively, what actually makes me happy. And that is the foundation on which I live my life: I seek my passion, and I promote passion in others.

When I was 16 I met my best friend and life partner. He has taught me invaluable lessons which can be summed up in these words: Refuse to settle for less than the life you want to live. Build the life you want to live.

When I got even older, and it was time to graduate school and choose a career path, I found myself with two college degrees: one in filmmaking, and the other in English. I pursued neither. Instead, I picked up a DSLR and became a photographer. At first I was just taking semi-creepy self-portraits and posting them on the internet…Well, that’s what I still do, technically. I also sell my work in galleries, teach, and license my images for a living.

Now I am also a writer (working on two books at the moment) and motivational speaker. If you had told me ten years ago that I would be speaking in front of big groups of people I would have cried and laughed at the same time. I was deathly shy. But that is exactly how I prefer to live my life: facing my fears head on, challenging myself, and every step of the way making sure I believe that my life is worthy of greater things.

When I’m not creating, you can find me hiking, doing charity work, watching Doctor Who, obsessing over my cats, cooking a wide assortment of vegan food, or jumping in a lake at 5am…because if you aren’t jumping in lakes at 5am, you’re just crazy.

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  1. Hello lovely,

    I’m so excited to see your convention being announced! I wanted to reach out to see if there’s any way I can help out/be a part of it/be your personal sherpa.

    I’m hoping to attend either way as it looks amazing and absolutely right up my alley but thought I’d take a leap of faith and see if it were possible to help out in any way.

    Hoping you’re well <3

  2. Hello I really enjoyed your compositions, I am an architect and photography and watercolours are my passionate hobbies. I really admire your ability to manipulate Photoshop software to edit digital images and compose fantastic scenes full of passion and fantastic creativity.

    Congratulations on your success!

  3. Hi Brooke, my name is Tony and I recently came across your work and I think it’s GORGEOUS! Absolutely inspirational. I first heard of you because I am following Lindsey Adler. So I’m a food photographer, I’ve been shooting for about 3 years now and I love it. I know this is different than what you shoot, but I was wondering if you happen to know of a fine art food photographer that I can follow? I usually shoot for blogs and I freelance clients, but I’d like to take my work in a different direction. I would really appreciate your help, if you can. Thanks again for your time!

  4. Hi Brooke,
    Words cannot describe the feeling your creative images emanate. I would love the opportunity to meet you and shoot with you.
    Where are you based ?
    Fae Fruitwala

  5. Hi Brooke! I’m a fan of your work and I recently tuned into your live stream where I learned a lot. Your newest video was interesting where you used yarn as a creative element. I attempted to use it similarly in one of my first conceptual photos. I’m not sure if this link works but if you could give me some criticism that’d be great! If not, could you share some ideas for cheap props you’ve used (like yarn) that were a major element in your pictures? Thanks!


  6. Hi Brooke,

    My name is Måns and I am part of the social media team at Happy Socks. I recently browsed your Instagram account and we really like your gallery. Your posts are both classy and inspiring!

    I wanted to send you some of our socks of your choice to complement the color in your gallery and to keep your feet colorful when you are on your adventures. If interested in collaborating with us, I think that our fun and colorful products with your composition and eye could make a great Instagram posts!

    If you are interested in working with us, please fill out this form:


    Also, I arranged a personalised discount code for you ”Happybrookeshaden” giving 20% off + free shipping for your friends and followers and it is valid for 48 hours. This could be something to add in the text of your coming post!

    And we will get your order placed as soon as possible! If you have any questions, just get in touch with me on my mail:
    E-mail: mans@happysocks.com

    Best Regards,

    Måns Runsten Swärd
    Social Media Assistant

    Happy Socks AB | Kungsgatan 12-14 | 111 35 Stockholm | Sweden
    Phone SWE: +46 73 041 24 24 | Skype: mans_235
    mans@happysocks.com | http://www.happysocks.com
    Official: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | Snapchat

  7. hi,
    Love your work and have purchased most of what you have on creative live. Your book is packed with great stuff.

    I think I heard you mention in one of the videos something about info for applying for Grants. I am interested in applying for one to finish a concept photo. Do you have anything that would help in writing one to get the proper attention?

    Thank you for your info… Keep creating, you seem to be moving with deliberation towards something. I’m one of many that want to follow that journey.


  8. Hi Brooke,
    I went to see your exhibition yesterday – they are a big departure from what you have been doing and are all great images.
    Good luck with your show.


  9. Hi! I am a stylist and makeup artist. I’ve recently started a blog on different photoshoots I’ve been able to collaborate on. I’d love to work with you. Your images are amazing! If you ever have something you think you could use me on, I’d be more than excited to be apart of it!
    Thanks, Erica Stallings

  10. Hi Brooke,

    Really love your work on Instagram and wanted to reach out to see if you sell your images in digital or physical ways? Thanks.

    Ed Han

  11. Hi Brooke,
    I am trying to sign up for the newsletter and free ebook but it’s telling me that….It seems that you have previously unsubscribed, so we can not automatically resubscribe you. I don’t recall ever unsubscribing but now I don’t know how to fix this, any help would be much appreciated
    Thank you

    1. I spoke too soon! I tried to add you, but I got this error message: “traceytyler@hotmail.ca has been removed, and cannot be resubscribed by you. To prevent false spam complaints, they’ll need to resubscribe of their own free will.” I’m not sure what is going on or how to help unfortunately. I’ll try writing to my host!

      1. Thank you so much for getting back to me. I don’t understand this either, like I said I can’t ever remember unsubscribing. I sure hope we can get this sorted.

        1. Oh no I just had a thought, how will I get all the info for the 15-Day Content Creation Challenge if I can receive emails?

  12. So bummed! I never finished submitting for the 15 day challenge, there’s no way to squeeze one more in is there? Thank you for the opportunity! Have a great day!

  13. Hello Brooke!

    I am writing to get in touch with you about to opportunity to teach photography in India for your charity. I saw your post and this is something I could possibly be extremely interested in! I was wondering if you could provide details and information about this amazing opportunity!

    Have a wonderful day full of inspiration,
    Haley Hutchison

  14. Hi Brooke,
    I’m uncertain the best way to contact you but my name is Stacy & I am the chair of the Jackson Public Arts Commission in sunny Jackson , Mi. We have a beautiful public gallery space in a brand new, climate controlled building in our new downtown park (that has recently won statewide acclaim for excellence in design). The glass faced gallery space is 30ft long & 10 ft high with beautiful lighting, state of the art security & no direct sunlight.
    We are curating art to inspire our city, create a dialog & make average people think of art differently. Your images are strong, feminine & evocative. They’re romantic yet timeless.
    May I exhibit your art for 60 days to uplift & inspire my town? I’m happy to send photos of the space & offer more details.
    Thank you for your lovely imagery.
    Best regards,
    Stacy Harrison
    Jackson Public Arts Commission

  15. Hello Brooke,
    I am currently studying Graphic Design and Photography. We are looking at sepia toning traditionally and I was wondering if your sepia prints were done traditionally or not so, I can use your work as research into thr technique.
    I hope to hear from you soon,

    Kind Regards,

    Tia Christina Newton.

  16. I am a 68 year old professional photographer that has been shooting since high school days. Sadly I had a stroke about a year ago and except for some personal work and some teaching I do not shoot that much paying work anymore. I enjoy doing high end work, but there is a very limited demand for that in the Davenport, Iowa area where I live. So my income is limited to my basic social security.

    My question to you is this: I have paid for numerous “lectures” of yours and have enjoyed your approach and quality of your work very much. Sadly, for financial reasons I am very limited on what I can afford. So, my question: Do you offer any sort of promotional or any sort of discount on any of your teachings, etc.

    Regardless, best wishes and keep up the great work!

  17. Hi Brooke, I briefly had a pleasure of meeting you at the photo Expo a few days ago in NYC. I am a huge fan of your art. I am in visual effects/animation field. You mentioned you might be looking for animators. I would love to email you directly if you would be interested in learning more about those fields or getting contacts.

  18. Hi there,

    You are a girl that inspires me to create, sometimes I forget to do what I want since I am a photographer for work and I am supposed to already be doing what I want hahaha but then it is for a client so it is a bit different. Anyway. I just wanted to invite you over to The Netherlands, if you ever have some time, I am sure we can figure it out so you can give a paid workshop over here. I am member of a Master Photographers Network and I could probably promote you there. What would you charge next to flight tickets? Sleeping place would of course also be provided and I have a huge studio where you could give the workshops. You can also just come to chill out and create here with no bother. I just feel that people need a lot of love and lately we are all motivated by taking instead of giving.

    Well, have a wonderful day and thank you for everything!
    Anahí Clemens

  19. Hello,
    Love your work! My style is very different, but I also have an interest in creating composited images, I think maybe similar to your process. Do you use Photoshop? What is your computer set up? I need to replace and upgrade my current system and I’m trying to figure out what to buy.


  20. Hi Brooke,

    First let me say what a huge fan I am. Your work is so impressive, your style so cool.
    I’ve watched all of your videos on Creative Live and am just finishing Fine Art Compositing.
    During one of the videos (Part 1 of marketing and Selling) you had a video edit running in the background – I am not sure but I think it was when you were talking providing the client with the full psd file.
    The effect was amazing, you adding light and highlights to the model (woman sitting on floor in dress looking over shoulder with a lantern?)
    This is a huge ask, but I’m about to embark on a compositing project and while I’ve learned TONS from your videos it would be really helpful to actually examine one of your psd files.
    I was wondering if it would be possible to get that psd file so I can see exactly how you did the editing?
    Please trust me, I’m not going to do anything other than examine it for educational purposes.
    About a year ago I came across the work of Richard Tuschman and have since been singly driven to become an expert in staged, composite photography. Since he doesn’t have any online courses I set out to learn compositing – and that brings me to why I’ve been consuming all of your stuff voraciously.
    I’m not planning on doing the same style as you, but when I saw that little snippet of the editing in that background video I knew I needed to learn how to do that.
    And thus my request.
    Of course, I completely understand what an outrageous request this might seem, but I also know ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’!

    I’m sure you’re busy and won’t take up any more of your time.
    Regardless of whether or not you do share that psd file with me, I love your work and will continue getting your videos.

    Oh, here is one of my practice composite images. I built and furnished this room in 1:12 scale, then I lit it dramatically, shot myself and then composited me into it. The chair I’m sitting in is about 3″ tall!

    All the very best,

    Mark Hogan
    Ottawa, Canada

      1. Hi Mark!

        Thanks for checking in 🙂 I do some editing at regular speed in my White Wall Wednesday series on YouTube, but also have multiple 20+ hour classes available through Creative Live that go through my editing process start to finish. Those can be found here: http://www.brookeshaden.com/classes


        1. Hi Brooke,

          A while ago I expressed interest in a partucular edit that you did, and that you posted the super quick version of on Youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGtawNUDT1s
          I thought it would be included in your Fine Art Photography course on Creativelive so I bought the course only to find that particular edit was not included.
          Can you please tell me if that particular regular speed edit is included in any of your videos anywhere?
          If not – can I buy that edit from you directly?
          I know you’re super busy and I wouldn’t bug you so much if it wasn’t important to me.
          You can contact me at markhogan001 at gmail.com if you like.

          Thanks for your time,

  21. I was traveling for the holidays and missed the deadline for the 2 week pay what you can class in January. Are you planning to offer the online course again? Please say yes!

  22. Hello there! I am still trying to find a way into the course…after 5 days now. I may be missing something that is right in front of my face… but I can not seem to see it. I have the e book, and have done what I am supposed to.. but I am not able to get in. I may have added the wrong email address? I got the ebook…so I am guessing that I didn’t give the wrong address. Please help, thank you!

    Michelle K.

  23. Hi Brooke,
    I really admire your work and have watched your CL workshops. You are a brilliant teacher. I noticed you are speaking at The Photography Show in Birmingham this year, which is wonderful. I am also speaking this year and would love to meet up for a coffee if you have time. I am also originally from Pennsylvania and we have quite a few other things in common. Mostly I think it would be nice to make a connection with another like minded female photographer.
    Jessica x

  24. Brooke, hi, hope life is treating you well…. Simon and I came to your workshop in London. You won’t remember me as you see too many people. We had a wonderful conversation that day. Just wondering when you might be coming back to the uk and if we could help organise something up in the Midlands in order to give more access to your help, from the North of the UK…

  25. Just found your blog/work! Looks awesome and I look forward to nosing around here!
    Ps…who are these strange people who don’t jump into lakes at 5am!?!

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