Week 7 Challenge: Cinematic

Week 7 Challenge: Cinematic

Everyone knows the look of movies, though it is incredible diverse in visuals. There is something about feeling like an image is about to move – like the reality of it is heightened. That’s how I view cinema. I don’t work in this medium normally, and only have a smattering of images that could pass as cinematic. Mine edge toward painterly. But I thought it would be fun to see how far we could take this theme this week!

You could use movies that inspire you to create from those visuals, or go for a classic cinematic look. Whatever your inspiration, it’s sure to be unique!

I’ll pull some of the art that I see this week to feature!
Use the hashtag #PromotingPassionChallenge so I can find you!

Here is some food for thought. Enjoy the challenge, and remember to push yourself creatively!

I shot this in a house I rented in Seattle and loved the voyeuristic framing.
This was from the same trip. We stumbled upon a Civil War reenactment and joined in!
Again, the same trip but what a different feeling! Compared to most of my work, this image is clean, sharp, and the hazy light reminds me of filmic light.
This location screams of a movie!
The motion and photographic look of this image combine to give me a cinematic feel.

One thought on “Week 7 Challenge: Cinematic

  1. I did just watch The Joker movie, but I don’t think I can create quite that dark! LOL
    I already have an idea that just popped into my head earlier, but I have never created in this style so it is going to be a big change. I look forward to it though.

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