Week 8 Challenge: Flowing Fabric

Week 8 Challenge: Flowing Fabric

Everyone knows I love a little flowing fabric. Or maybe a lot. Okay, I have a full-on obsession with flowing fabric. As evidenced by my hundred or so images that feature it. Why? It creates movement in an otherwise static image. It can be transformed into so many shapes and adds an organic element to an image.

I can’t wait to see how you use moving fabric in your art!

I’ll pull some of the art that I see this week to feature!
Use the hashtag #PromotingPassionChallenge so I can find you!

Here is some food for thought. Enjoy the challenge, and remember to push yourself creatively!

When I shot this, my goal was to throw the fabric at the camera and see what effect I got. I loved it!
I shot this in Death Valley on a day when it hit 125 degrees F. It was miserable! And even more so because I had to fling this fabric all over. But it was worth it!
In this case, I used the fabric to look like an extension of my body.
I attached strips of fabric to an umbrella to create this effect.
I used one small piece of fabric to create an entire dress!

One thought on “Week 8 Challenge: Flowing Fabric

  1. I literally have no fabric, I think a bed sheet is all I have, so that will have to do.
    Now, what in the heck am I going to make? On the bright side, I can’t do much worse than last weeks challenge, it wasn’t very cinematic at all. LOL

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