Week 11 Challenge: Monochrome

Week 11 Challenge: Monochrome

I debated doing a full black and white challenge, but my heart wasn’t in it. I have a soft spot for those who feel their work needs a color. Even if it’s just one. I create a lot of monochromatic images, especially sepia/yellow. This challenges centers around images with no color (black and white) or with just one, like a sepia-toned image.

The subjects are endless here – just make sure the lack of color fits with your concept and overall feel!

I’ll pull some of the art that I see this week to feature!
Use the hashtag #PromotingPassionChallenge so I can find you!

Here is some food for thought. Enjoy the challenge, and remember to push yourself creatively!

I know they are all nude, but that is how monochrome works best in my imagery!

2 thoughts on “Week 11 Challenge: Monochrome

  1. My mind never thinks in terms of monochrome and B&W, but I do love trying it and it has been something I want to improve at.

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