Week 12 Challenge: Multiples

Week 12 Challenge: Multiples

From 1 to 100, put as many people or things in your images as you want! These are all manipulated so that each image features the same person, but yours doesn’t have to! Use multiples in your imagery and see how that can enhance the visuals (dramatically!) and the concept.

Perhaps challenge yourself to put more than one person in the same image, or see if you can get creative with a certain prop that you stock up on!

I’ll pull some of the art that I see this week to feature!
Use the hashtag #PromotingPassionChallenge so I can find you!

Here is some food for thought. Enjoy the challenge, and remember to push yourself creatively!

When I made this, I got so nauseous from rolling over so many times that I had to wait to drive home!
This was from the same shoot as above.
Sometimes it’s easier with just two!
This was a really difficult shoot because I had to try and make it look like I was overlapping my own body in this self-portrait!
My most recent image of multiples from my new series, Begin Again.

One thought on “Week 12 Challenge: Multiples

  1. I think this one is going to be easier this week, I have an idea that I really like. I am going out on Wednesday to shoot and rather excited about it.

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