Charity Costume Sale

Charity Costume Sale

Loves, is there anything better than having a one-stop-shop for costumes while giving to charity at the same time?

I’m moving, and so I decided to downsize my extensive photo shoot wardrobe. I’ve got 20 pieces listed for sale, and 100% of the proceeds goes to The Light Space, my photography-based charity that serves refugees and those vulnerable to trafficking.

By buying one of my costumes, you are helping to give someone
at-risk and vulnerable a future in the arts, either through healing,
self-expression, or as a viable career option.

And the best part is, others have joined in! Check out all of the costumes and props below, and if you can bid, please do! It truly goes to a good cause. Everyone listed here is giving 100% of the money to The Light Space, so it’s a purchase you can feel good about. Have your cake and eat it, too. Or in this case, have your costume and give to charity, too. Well, it sort of worked.

Enjoy! Sale ends Thursday night.

Check these out too! They are all listed with 100% of the proceeds going to my charity. Hooray for kind individuals with similar costume and prop habits! Have a look at the following listings to see if any of their costumes or props might tickle your fancy!

When you bid on these items, you are agreeing to give 100% of the bid to Blossomy Project. The Light Space is an official program of the 501(c)3 nonprofit Blossomy Project. The founder of Blossomy, Laura Price, is my co-founder in TLS. All donations via these sales will be given to The Light Space.

The money raised will go directly toward: teacher salary and cameras for graduating students.

Please share with anyone who could benefit from this!

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