Equipment Donation for Photo School in India

Equipment Donation for Photo School in India

As many of you know, I travel to Kolkata, India each year to work with survivors of human trafficking and abuse. I teach photography and storytelling in an effort to show how we are all connected by the stories we share. This year, I am taking this one step further by opening a photography training program. Last year I asked for your help in raising money for the program, and we raised about $20,000 to start the school. This has proved to be enough to run the school for one full year.

We have made great leaps forward during my last trip there and are almost ready to open the doors to the first class of 15 students. I am partnered with Blossomy, the amazing organization that I work through in India, as well as New Light, an organization in Kolkata to help survivors of human trafficking. The partnerships are in place, a location is rented, a curriculum has been set, we are securing the main instructors, and we will open doors officially in October 2015. Now it is time to fill the space…”The Light Space”, to be exact…a play on our partner organization’s name, New Light, and referencing the safe space that these individuals will have to create in.

We are looking for donations to run the school, as using our limited budget for equipment would deplete it quickly, and we need that money to go toward payment of instructors and rental fees.

What we need (any brands, new or used!):

DSLR Cameras

Memory Cards
Camera Bags

If you would like to donate, email me for an address.

My assistant will be gathering the equipment. This address expires in May, so please ship donations before MAY 2015. I will be sending HUGE THANK YOUs to everyone involved. And really, truly, thank you for aiding in the fight against human trafficking and for your generosity. Even if you cannot give anything at this time, thank you for reading and for spreading the word. You are light.

For any questions regarding donations, you can contact me through my website at: 

9 thoughts on “Equipment Donation for Photo School in India

  1. I do not have equipment to donate right now, but I will shared and look among my friends photographers, if they have any equipment that do not use and can donate. Great you are, Brooke! I wish a lot of luck for this school.

  2. Oh Brooke. Have I told you lately that I love you? Well I do. You are such an amazing soul and you make the world a better place. This subject holds a very special place in my heart and what you and Kelly are doing to make this happen brings great joy to me. I’m going to take a bit of time this afternoon to attempt to work some magic for you. Hugs. Miss you two:)

  3. I have send my canon 450d last month. i’m so happy that this school get this camera. Brooke is so amazing that she help this people. I’m can’t imaging that i done this to a other school. The people in india and Brooke earned this so much. Please donate you old equipment! I you are from Belgium or Netherlands and want to help me to setup(non-profit) or something else to help her let me know via Facebook messaging. Brooke your not alone I want to accompany you on this path.

  4. A really Beautiful and inspiring project … Im from Kolkata my self… and will try to gather any equipment i can for this project… Wanted to know how do we go about donating it to you from Kolkata it self

  5. Hi Brooke! I am looking for a place to donate my amazing Think Tank Speed Demon hip belt camera bag too. Has three dividers inside, zipper front pockets, shoulder and hip carry options – great bag, used, but in excellent condition. Any suggestions?



    1. Hi Katie!

      Oh my goodness yes, The Light Space is in need of camera bags so that the students can safely transport the cameras outside of the classroom. If you’d be willing to send to me to take to India we’d be honored to take care of your bag. I love Think Tank! I’ll email you the address if you do want to send 🙂


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