Promoting Passion Video: Free Your Imagination

Promoting Passion Video: Free Your Imagination

One morning last week I was sitting outside as the sun was rising. A bluejay followed me to where I was sitting and perched in a tree close by. We looked at each other for a long while until he flew off. A minute later he returned, this time with 2 friends. They sat all around me that morning and I felt so at peace, feeling accepted by nature and the beauty within.

I took that inspiration, and one of the birds that I photographed that morning, into a story idea. I felt, so much that morning, like my imagination was being freed. I felt as though those birds symbolized so much, and I wanted to put that into a photograph. I went to work creating this picture with origami birds.

I had never created origami before, which is very challenging, and even more so when using thick construction paper, but I made it work after twenty minutes of frustration. When my little blue crane emerged, who I lovingly named Cranium, we went shooting. The shoot itself was very calming. I kept finding myself staring into the distance smiling at nothing in particular. I was just happy to be creating.

The song in the video (Conquering Heights by James Dooley, courtesy of Song Freedom), seemed the perfect fit. It matched what I heard in my mind that day. I love how birds can be such a symbol of freedom, and the vibrant color of my little bluejays felt like a fairytale. I always equate that color blue with a serene and magical fairytale, and so I too felt like I was part of another world. Even shooting, in that less-than-glamorous location, I could feel I was somewhere else entirely.

I hope that you enjoy the video and that you feel inspired to free your imagination.


15 thoughts on “Promoting Passion Video: Free Your Imagination

  1. What a wonderful video to go with this beautiful image Brooke <3 It made me feel happy and joyful, yet strangely emotional. And yes, that music completed the magic… Have an amazing trip (oh how I wish I would join!!!) and as always I look forward to hearing all your stories about your adventure and seeing the images that result… xx

  2. This is so much more than a BTS. I love what you wrote on the inspiration for this image. Birds are extraordinary creatures. It would seem that filmmaking is in your DNA and that by “leaving” it you have in a sense returned to it. Safe traveling – the world is better for you being here.

  3. I’m speechless! So simple and yet leaves me speechless … I wanted to say something as beautiful as the video, saying what I felt during these 2:34 m. The only word that comes to my mind is happiness, because it was the feeling that filled my heart. And now I’m in the mood to create … Wish you a good trip and that everything runs smoothly. All the best to you. <3

  4. just watching you work in this and the joy you have as you smile and create is so inspiring! seriously webster’s dictionary need to add your face to the definition of inspiration.

  5. Well that was inspiring and beautiful and like the other comments I felt a surge of happiness. Never stop being you Have a great time on your travels

  6. This feels like a new beginning………….beautifully crafted image, complimented by an uplifting & soaring soundtrack. The blue tones in the dress and birds suit the mood of the image so well.

    We have white doves who live with us and some beautiful chicks just hatching, so know what you mean about the freedom they portray. watching them flying around our house is truly magical. They own the sky and belong there.

    PS. Where do you get these beautiful gowns?

  7. I know I always say this, but thank you so much for such wonderful inspiration. Especially today, as I’m heading off to a secret location where hundreds of vintage carousel horses reside. And I’m sharing this shoot with one of my dearest friends who has been great to offer to model for me. I am now both a little afraid and a little giddy. Your videos make my heart burst with goodness and reinforces that I can do this! Thank you. 🙂

  8. What a peaceful and exuberantly happy video and image.. Thank you so much for always bringing me into a wonderful state of mind!

  9. You’re an artist and such an inspiring person! I loved the video just as much as I love your pictures. I’m anxious for your next pieces.

  10. Lillian says, “I lovvvee that video.” and before we even read the blog post we watched it and she was saying “oh she looks like a princess, but she isn’t in a caste’ and was ohh and ahh’ing over your dress transformation and the bird, so yes, that color most deff. conveys fairytale and you did a wonderful job. Its a new favorite for sure!

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