Promoting Passion Week 51: Interview with Kenna

Promoting Passion Week 51: Interview with Kenna

Recently I had the honor of visiting the CreativeLive studios, and in that time I got to hang out with Kenna Klosterman, amazing host, amazing person, and an inspiration to me. Her kindness and positive spirit never cease to leave me wanting to be a better person. We chatted for a bit on camera about the importance of giving back, and I wanted to share that today.

This is my last day in Australia, and tomorrow I fly home. Due to internet constraints I couldn’t get a video uploaded, so I thought this would be a nice replacement! I’ve just finished up 5 workshops over the last two weeks…I’ve been to Sydney, across the pond to Auckland, and then back to Australia to visit Melbourne. I’ve been to waterfalls, saw some Hobbits, went rafting in a cave, ateĀ amazing food and saw two kangaroos, but by far the most rewarding parts of the trip has been meeting the incredible individuals at the workshops who I can now proudly call my friends.

Next week I’ll be back home and back on schedule with posting new images from my trip and new videos too…so until then, I am wishing everyone a most inspired and passionate week!

6 thoughts on “Promoting Passion Week 51: Interview with Kenna

  1. this is an awesome kind of human art, am a learning photographer and i hope to achieve professionality like this. thanx to Brooke you such an inspiration.

  2. I have 2 cameras to give you if you let me know details. I have been looking for something like your cause. Glad I didn’t sell them.

  3. I think the work you do with women who have been victims of sex trafficking in India is amazing. It’s great that you are giving these women an opportunity to tell their stories in a supportive creative environment and helping them learn a skill that they can use to express themselves and even provide an income for themselves. It really is amazing work.

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