Promoting Passion Week 70: Dreamcatching

Promoting Passion Week 70: Dreamcatching

I had the pleasure of meeting Jen Brook a couple years ago and since then we’ve collaborated and she has come to model for three artist retreats and a couple workshops that I’ve hosted, not to mention donating her time to model for a meetup! I love being around anyone who is passionate in their own way about their craft, and that is definitely Jen. She has an ongoing project called Dreamcatcher in which she asks photographers to interpret her ideas in a lovely collaboration. I’ve shot a dreamcatcher image of hers before, and this is another one. So I wanted to share that behind the scenes process, as well as wish Jen a very happy birthday.

I’m actually en route to France right now where she will be modeling for an artist retreat I’m hosting there, and then, just a week after that, we’ll be meeting again in Iceland! I hope that you enjoy the process that went into this edit. And please check out Jen’s blog post as well!

Have you ever collaborated with another artist – model, painter, sculptor, poet, art director…anything at all? I’d love to see pics from collaborations you’ve engaged in!

Model: Jen Brook, photographed in Norfolk UK August 2014. Fish purchased from

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  1. I love how this image came together Brooke! Thank you for sharing. Love the image and how it came about. I often keep images tucked away to process much later… sometimes they just need to sit awhile before they are ready to be processed.

    I have a similar friend like Jen. Delaney is a brilliant artist and author in her own right, who often models for me. She is always coming up with brilliant concepts for us to work on together. Here is one of them in which she wanted to portray a character who was bound by chains, yet still beautiful and powerful:
    I absolutely love working with Delaney! She is an inspiring and amazing being.

    Another image I collaborated on was with fellow photographer and friend who was going through a very hard time after a breakup… he wanted me to help create an image that would portray his loss and he had a rough idea of what he wanted. I in turn added my style and created the following image:

    Love & Light

    This is a sketch out of my notebook I made wen my grandfather Herb died a couple years ago. I was standing above his coy pond, he built it waterfall and all and I always felt it was magical. I have not created the image yet because I wasn’t sure I could do it justice. I may try now tho.
    This is one of my very first videos and my friend Kionte helped me choreograph it as well as keepin an eye on how it looked while on tripod, so that I could dance in it.
    This is a recent video with my friend and his dance crew we just filmed and I just edited it so it’s still somewhat of a roughcut the dancers did such a great job!
    This is an image from a small series I shot for a MUA. This was actually the first time I have shot someone else’s concept and just been the photographer. I also did retouch and post, but it was really a different experience.

    I feel really fortunate to have so many amazingly talented people in my life that and that I get the privilege of working with them on so many different things!! I love working with others:-) thank you to every amazing person I have worked with and I will work with! Xoxo
    And Thank You Brooke!!

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