Promoting Passion Week 82: Collaboration Week 2

Last week I asked this amazing community to join in a collaboration that we could all be inspired by. The theme was storytelling, and I went through a few storytelling techniques to get us started. I asked everyone to share a story of their own creation, fiction or non-fiction, and roughly one paragraph long. Fifty people posted stories in the comments and I was so thrilled reading them. Even in the tiniest descriptions I found inspiration, and I am so pleased to start Week 2 of the collaboration.

This week, I have chosen one story for us to be inspired by. That story was written by Barbara Simmons, and I believe it embodied many elements of storytelling that make a story relatable and inspiring. It had three distinct parts, from a more general beginning that many people can connect to, to details that make a story worth investing in, to a resolution that provides some form of closure. I believe that any of us will be able to see a part of ourselves in the story she wrote, and for those reasons I chose her vision to represent our inspiration for Week 2.

This week, read Barbara’s story and find inspiration within it. From the theme of fear to the way she describes it, to the dusty attic location and the emotions the character goes through, there are near endless ways of becoming inspired. Once you have figured out which part of the story inspires you most, create a piece of art based on your inspiration. Post a link to your artwork in the comments, and optionally, you can add commentary about the piece and how you were inspired if you like. 

Next week I will be choosing a winner and honorable mentions from the artwork provided, and I will be sending along a personalized package to whomever is chosen (as well as to Barbara for her amazing contribution!). Happy creating!

Barbara’s Story:

“Oh Daddy; how will I ever do anything or be anybody if I’m always scared.

She was fearful…as far back as she could remember. Afraid to walk to school alone, of failing a test, of not being good enough; afraid of going to Hell if she committed a ‘sin’. Even her dreams were scary, filled with darkness and monsters. So many fears for such a little girl.

The little girl’s father took her by the hand and together they went to the attic. He dusted off a big wooden box and slowly opened the lid. The box was empty except for what looked like an old piece of cloth. Her daddy removed the cloth to reveal a beautiful shiny sword. Whenever you feel afraid; all you have to do is touch this sword and you will have the courage to do anything.

One by one she conquered her fears with the help of the shiny sword. As the years passed she grew into a confident courageous woman. Yesterday her Daddy died and as she lay the shiny sword beside him, I heard her say ‘Thank you, Daddy, but I won’t need this anymore. I realize now that the courage was within me the whole time!'”

Honorable Mentions:

Kisa Kavass
Sydney Paige Richardson
Lea M. Callais
Marcy Criner
Danielle Anderson

Read all the stories here!

Model: Garrett Liggett

Model: Garrett Liggett

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