Promoting Passion Week 84: Lindsay Adler

Promoting Passion Week 84: Lindsay Adler

A little while ago Lindsay asked me if I would be willing to take pictures of her for her upcoming birthday. However I wanted, in whatever way I wanted. That’s my kind of request! So I happily agreed and began planning. I found myself by complete coincidence in Seattle at the same time she was, so I took that opportunity to create a portrait for her in the one evening we had.

The journey started at Home Depot where I purchased a 2×4, cut it down to size, and then went about getting rope. It took, I believe, at one point four staff members to figure out how to cut the rope, and only after someone suggested scissors did the rope cutting really begin. We learned that sawing at a rope with an exacto knife is a very slow process. We took some pictures with the man who cut the board for us, and then we were on our way, chasing the remaining light to a park nearby where we were staying.

My dear friends came along with us – Russ, Kenna and Susan – and Lindsay’s intern Fallon. (Thank you Susan for filming BTS footage for me!) While we waited for Lindsay to gather some equipment, Susan and I hung the swing materials on a cable that ran through a park. After watching a couple videos on YouTube for how to tie knots, a six-year-old came over and asked if he could help us. We gladly accepted and within five minutes we had perfectly tied knots and a stable wooden swing! I tested it, and since I didn’t fall to the ground, we deemed it worthy.

When Lindsay and company arrived we began shooting, her as confident as ever and me playfully giving direction, and after two photo shoots and, shockingly, not being arrested for public nudity in an alleyway, we finished up what was a great evening.

My video says it all about Lindsay, who she is and why I adore her, but just a couple words about the images.

I know Lindsay to be a number of things: a dreamer, fiercely independent, walking alone as she paves paths for other people, and full of potential. When I created these images I had those things in mind. I wanted to create two images that would contrast with one another. One is about the softer side, the dreams and the potential to drift above the clouds. The other about power. She is all of those things combined. And her one request to me for the images: RED. Lots of red.

I love you Lindsay! Thank you for letting me have fun, and for being such an amazing soul friend.

14 thoughts on “Promoting Passion Week 84: Lindsay Adler

  1. This made me tear up. I love your friendship, and I love you both so much <3 There are so many amazing pictures of Lindsay out there, but I think that this is by far the most beautiful one I've ever seen.

    I miss you, Brooke. Sending you lots of hugs <3

  2. I found Lindsay as an artist before you and while attending their workshops in creativeLIVE, I saw clearly a very strong and winning person. It is an excellent instructor regarding fashion photography. I also love her work. As you know, for me friendship is the greatest good that we can have and so this post tells me a lot. You almost took me a tear! 😛 These are friendships that make us richer, not the bank account. And your friendship is beautiful to behold. I admire you both. And what a great day it must have been… You, Lindsay, Russ, Kenna and Susan … I loved the image of Lindsay and I agree entirely with Amani. It is without doubt the best image of Lindsay I’ve ever seen. Congratulations. And needless to say, that the video is fantastic and loving. 😉

  3. I was browsing my FB wall and seen just the hand of Lindsey and knew that this piece of art was created by you. I love her idea of portrait series to her birthday and love what you’ve created together…
    Just wish to have more photographers around me :). I feel so inspired by both of you. Thank you very much…

  4. lovely Brooke, how treasured these images will be by Lindsay and what a testament to your friendship. I love your tribute to her by video… what a great gift – think we should all do that for a friend – that should be the next collaborative challenge!!

  5. I don’t know where I would be in my photography education if not for this crazy, fun, generous, talented creativeLive crew and their photographer guests! I have learned SO much from all of you and feel like I am part of the CL family.

    Brooke and Lindsay, your influence and inspiration have been life-changing for me.
    I love what you have created here together. Cheers to both of you for your incredible talents and for encouraging others in the art of photography.

    I love the backstory video, too. Makes me want to go buy a 2×4 and some rope!

    Thank you for this post, Brooke. Oh, and Happy Birthday, Lindsay. 🙂

  6. The Home Depot guys could cut rope? One of the best things for cutting rope is “side cutters”, they are for cutting wire. You should get a small folding knife to keep with your camera gear, a good quality old one like this if you keep it sharp they are very handy and cheap! 🙂

    Both photos are wonderful, but I really love the “Swing” photo! 🙂

  7. i love your work they are all incredible, first i see you at CL class and after that anytime i get a chance i am follow you in here. i love your writing as well it help me to improve my writing in english because it is my second language. i wish you the best.

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