My 3 favorite images from this year.

It is so important as artists to take stock in our work, particularly to look back at what we’ve done and recognize what went well, what didn’t, and where we’re going. I’m basing a lot of my forward momentum now on intuition and a certain blind eye to what others are saying. My last blog post details that. But for now, I’m looking at this past year as a way to do three things:

  1. Critique my recent portfolio.
  2. Appreciate the work that I put in.
  3. Fall in love with art.

Critiquing the portfolio is easy. I can, within about two minutes, pick out my top favorite images and my least. My favorites are so because of innovation, technique, and concept. Specifically, creepiness without being vulgar or crude, presenting a new way of looking at an idea, intentional backgrounds, and muted colors. My least favorite are my least because of: pastel colors, cut/paste editing, and lack of planning.

Most of the images I created this year.

It is good to step back and look at what you’ve done so that you don’t fall into the rut of focusing only on what you are doing right now. While I completely believe in doing that to create in the present and not let distractions derail you, artists still need encouragement. You might be in a dry spell right now and haven’t created anything in a month – so what? That doesn’t mean you’ve never created anything (hence looking back) or that you never will. This is a long journey, not a short one.

And finally, I want to fall in love with art. And not just any art, MY art. I want to look at what I’ve done to remember why I’ve done it. I create images the way I do because I love it. I love what I do. PLEASE, shout that with me! We SHOULD love what we do! It is our heart/soul/imagination/SELF. Please, for goodness sake, love what you do.

Next year is looking beautiful. I’ve scheduled myself 4 months in a row off from traveling to truly focus on my crafts – mostly photography and writing, but we’ll see! I’ll be visiting India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Greece, Egypt and Hawaii, so far…but I don’t plan to book any more travel. Next year I’m very committed to my health. Every single one of those trips is either for some much needed R&R, or for charity work.

I would LOVE to see your favorite creations of the year.
Please share link below so others can find you!

If you’re wondering what I got up to this year and what’s changed, here are a few highlights:

I taught a 26 hour class on Creative Live called “Fine Art Photography: The Complete Guide”.
I had my debut exhibition of my newest series, “Fourth Wall”.
I hosted my 3rd annual Promoting Passion Convention.
I started a new Light Space school in Thailand.
I became a Sony Artisan of Imagery.


9 thoughts on “Recounting

  1. Awesome job this year! My favorites are the ones you did with the candles & smoke that look like some sort of queen ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the one you created with the Patagonia landscape too, and I can’t wait to see your new series!!! This is my favorite work from this year.

    I just started creating conceptually a few months ago, and I love it! I feel so much more connected to my work when it is meaningful to me, rather than “nice to look at”. Thank you for your inspiration!

  2. I have been trying much harder to be proud of my work, I know that might sound odd. But for the longest time, I was too hard on it. But I am learning to appreciate myself more.
    These are my favorite fine art pieces from this year, and they were all created during your 15 day Facebook challenge. Thanks!

  3. You thought me so much Brooke and following your challenges and the complete course on creative live even got me making some self portraits, although I have to say I still donโ€™t like seeing me on them.

    Iโ€™m a bit disappointed with myself this year. Didnโ€™t make as many new art as I wanted because I was asked to do some shows and it took a lot of my energy away to put these shows together. Lots of preparation, negotiations and that kind of stuff.
    But it was worth it. These years there are already 4 shows planned but now I know how it works and so hopefully 2018 I have more time to dedicate to making art.
    My fine art page.

    And my newly started quirky project

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