Traversing the Open Sea

Traversing the Open Sea

Imagine a world where people thought every day was New Year’s day. Imagine a place where potential was always realized, dreams always capitalized on, and life was constantly moving forward to a place of inspiration. That is the power that a new year has on us. We feel as though something has been renewed and reset; we finally have the power we had been searching for to make changes and be better. A new year means a second chance, or for many of us, countless second chances. It means a time for us to think about who we have been and who we are, who we want to be and how we can be. But more than that, it is a time for us to create an image of ourselves with as much imaginative intensity as we can muster.

What if we lived every single day like it was the start of a new year? What if we could wake up and feel a sense of renewed energy, as though each day were the start of something new? I believe that we can. I believe that we should. And I believe that if we don’t, life becomes stagnant. Stagnation is the enemy of inspiration. Inspiration is what fuels life, it is what keeps us motivated and excited and passionate. Without that passion, life stalls. We are sidelined from our own lives.

As the year progresses, never believe that the chance for a new start is past. Never believe that something is out of your control. Never think that you don’t have the power to change, even if that change is contained to your mindset and not necessarily your actions.

There are so many pitfalls that I run into when embracing a new year. The scary “what if” factor – what if this happens or that, and I can’t do this or that. Well, what about the other  “what ifs”? What about asking yourself – what if something amazing happens this year? What if I plan a life for myself that I love? What if I find myself in control of all the things I’ve always dreamed of?

The fact is that we are already in control. The great thing about a new year is that we have more potential to realize that. And why? Because of a date on the calendar. Because of a one-digit number change. Thirteen to Fourteen. We see that year change and suddenly possibilities are endless. Just remember this: every day is a new day. Every moment is a catalyst for change. Moments come and go like waves lapping on the seashore, but we have every opportunity to ride them out into the endless ocean. It is deep and full of fear, but if it weren’t, it wouldn’t be worth watching in awe of the beauty and power it possesses.

Isn’t that why so many of us fear the ocean, or appreciate it? It is vast and unspeakable in size, and the opportunities it possesses and the secrets it holds draw us in closer, until we can no longer see the floor below and the dark depths either lure us forward or push us back. Let it pull you in. Let every new moment take you one step further into the unknown where the impossible is less impossible, and fear turns into the simple acceptance of a road untravelled.

6 thoughts on “Traversing the Open Sea

  1. Brooke, you and your words and the way you live your life make me so so happy! Thank you for everything that you believe in and share with us : )

  2. I hope by time I’ll stop giving up 🙁 It is so heartbreaking that I cant do what i want because I’m afraid for a lot of reasons….

    1. Aww Lidija, I understand and I hear you. It can be so hard to push past those fears. If ever you want to send me an email or write back here more personally, please do <3 Sending love!

  3. “Stagnation is the enemy of inspiration.”

    I read this in your book. Wrote it down in my journal. Think I’ll paint it on a plate or something 🙂 Brilliant.

    Stagnation. Enemy of *many* things. Relationships (an issue currently near to my sad heart).

    Every day *is* a new day. Thanks for saying that. I know I need to hear that. Again. And again and again and again.

    I’m loving the new blog so much!

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