WEEKLY ROUNDUP! {April 11-18}

WEEKLY ROUNDUP! {April 11-18}

Do you know the feeling of total excitement when you start a new project? I don’t always feel it, but sometimes it sneaks up on me. Like starting White Wall Wednesday again. I love making YouTube videos so much – it’s totally in alignment with how I like to work. I’ve been more productive in creating images because of it, and I’m enjoying putting it out there so much!

Here’s what I did this week, including that new WWW video. I hope you enjoy all this amazing content!


This editing video is really in-depth. People ask all the time for more in-depth editing videos, so please do share this with anyone you think would benefit!

I also released a video where I break down how I edited this image!

I’m releasing 2-3 new videos per week now on YouTube. That is the place to follow me if you want to watch them. A lot of them are dedicated to shooting and editing so I think you’ll enjoy it!

I released a new image this week, too!

“Lilliputian Lungs”, self-portrait, April 2020

To go along with the image, I wrote a poem of the same title:

There is something uncultivated in me, 
wild and untethered, aching,
and it sings to me from a cage it has outgrown.

I call it my largeness that is
hidden in my Lilliputian lungs
and I feel it pounding when I breathe.

It comes out in small bursts
like a lion muzzled or a 
winged bird clipped.

Even those small eruptions are sweet
and ease the bitter breeze
that washes my mouth clean of it.

I am the wilderness of abandonment
and the wholeness of great cities tied down
by too small a body or too silent a voice.

I am the shivering storm that threatens
and the battlefield of ancient men,
but they are too old to fight anymore.

There is something uncultivated in me,
wild and untethered, aching,
and it sings to me from a cage it has outgrown.

I hope you enjoyed the work this week! Stay well and creative and let me know if I can do anything to serve you in your creativity.


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