19/31 July Challenge

19/31 July Challenge

These are the places only she knows while
counting soul shifts in the movement of her wild rhythm.


There in the in between spaces where a throat clears into a cough
where no one hears the misstep as loudly as she does in her own ears.


There in the play dough thudding drum roll empty moldable way
that her tongue tries to form the words to a song she can’t remember.


These are the places only she goes.


These are the places only she knows while
sitting without breathing hoping loudly her wild chest won’t sing.


There in the laughter where her sighs get drowned out
where no one knows the sound of groping breaths and sharp inhales.


There in the sweated palms lines drawn etched deep down
her curses puddle in the creases on the long river to the ocean.


These are the places only she knows.

3 thoughts on “19/31 July Challenge

  1. The poem and the photo are very emotionally moving, and beautiful…

    On a PS tech note. I never would have thought of using a flowed texter to make wallpaper! Love it!!!

    1. Thank you Emily! The music was licensed from Epidemic Sound: “Low Ambience 5 IN A And C” by Bill Ferngren. 🙂

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