5/31 July Challenge

5/31 July Challenge

I went hiking this morning with my love, as we do many times a week, and I wanted to shoot my image for today on that hike. I decided not to film anything so that I could have more time appreciating my morning and less time worrying about if each video is in focus. So, I created a speed edit video for today instead of an “atmospheric” video, but I deem that A-okay. This project isn’t supposed to be any one particular thing, and part of why I wanted to do it is toΒ be okay with going with the flow.

“Haunted Wings”, self-portrait shot with Sony A7II + 50mm lens.

Plus, today is Muse Day!

If you don’t know about Muse Day, it is something we made up in my house in which every Wednesday we focus solely on taking in inspiration for upcoming projects we have. Which means I am meant to finish The Hobbit and study more of “The Story Grid”, which has turned me into a storytelling education addict. But less about that…

…And more about the image. My usual 4:30am rolled around and I happily sauntered out of bed. I packed up the car and off we went to our favorite trail to enjoy a mountain hike. We gathered sticks along the way and I got set up for my self-portrait, even wearing my dress backwards like a skirt with my pants and hiking boots still on underneath (those are the best kinds of dresses, eh?). For some reason, no matter how often I shoot early in the morning, I never anticipate the sun. She came creeping up in a matter of minutes, so I shot in a hurry and tried my best to get the branches photographed before the light completely covered them.

I keep having one intent for these images and something sneaks its way in and turns my ideas sour. I don’t rightly mind, though, since I am open to new directions this month. I was going to create a more monotoned image, but the colors were calling to me so loudly and I kept them (though tweaked them to my liking). I’m really enjoying listening closely to my craft and letting it speak instead of always stifling it into submission.

Now, I’m off to second breakfast with my Hobbitses.

P.S. Anyone else notice that double-jointed elbow? Yeesh.

8 thoughts on “5/31 July Challenge

  1. How you keep pulling these rabbits from the hat amazes me!
    Have you pre-planned each day’s shoot, or are you flying by the seat of your pants every day?

    The tones in this image are stunning.

    1. I brainstorm every couple of days (and more thoroughly each day before) so that I’m not caught off-guard. I am trying to improvise more this month, but I need structure or else I don’t enjoy the process. πŸ™‚ Thank you for your kindness Caz! I hope you are doing great!

  2. I always love your videos, but I’m glad this time you do not do it. It was a good decision not to film! You deserve it and you have to have your special moment to appreciate what surrounds you without worrying about anything else. Especially living that moment with your love. A moment that is only for you both. I’m very happy for you! Love the image. πŸ™‚ xx

  3. Lovely photo.
    I love watching speed edit videos, they are always interesting.

    I tried the Chia pudding today, I think I put too many seeds in it. This morning when I opened the refrigerator I was greeted by something that could have stopped a bullet! So I started adding more soy milk, until I had a large cereal bowl full of it. needless to say, after eating that I am full for a while! LOL
    I will try again and be more careful. πŸ™‚

    1. Ahh yes I usually do a lot of the milk so that its more watery rather than too hard, ick! I’m very bad at giving recipes πŸ˜€ Glad you tried it though!

  4. I stand in awe when I look at your creations. So beautiful, so full of imagination, so colorful, so thought-provoking…
    In your world, it’s okay to be “The Weird One.”
    Miss seeing you. I hope you come and visit soon.
    The Other Weird One

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