4/31 July Challenge

4/31 July Challenge

Another day, another learning curve. Sometimes I go months at a time never learning anything significant. Since I started this challenge I learn something EVERY GOSH DARN DAY. It is the most beautiful thing. As an artist, do you ever have those moments where you learn something and you simply cannot believe that you didn’t know it sooner? That was me today, in so many ways…

“Wow, stop motion is so easy, even when doing it myself with a remote and timer!”

“Wow, the sun came up and I’m still able to shoot…who knew?!”

“Why don’t I make chia pudding every day?”

You know, the usual.

I got up at my new regular time of 4-something-ish and headed out the door, but the sun caught up with me today. Turns out, stop motion takes a long time to shoot when you areย by yourself with no one to push the button for you. Picture: I’m alone in the desert with my remote, pointing it at my camera, waiting 2 seconds (when it decides to even trigger), and then posing for the image. For 300 images. OF COURSE the sun came up! So, I had to shoot my body in various parts so as not to get direct sun, but hey, it worked! I didn’t melt! I came out smiling! What a day!

Today is the 4th of July, Independence Day, here in the States, and naturally that had me thinking about stars. I wanted to use a sparkler for this image, but there is a fire ban where I live. We don’t even do fireworks; we do a laser show. Yeah, I said it. A laser show. It is about as interesting as you’d expect. So, fireworks being banned, I rethought my concept.

I strive to be this character in so many ways. Seeking somethingย more, and doing whatever necessary to find it. Using boxes to climb on, cutting out my own stars, building my own reality. There are other interpretations at play here, as I thought of many stories for this image. I originally wanted to create a rather dark and sinister picture, but the flow of it took me in another direction – a more hopeful one. It just seemed right for this holiday.

If you are celebrating today, be safe! On a personal note, I’m particularly excited because I’m making a fake-meat-fake-cheese-barbeque-sauce sandwhich…which sounds super uninteresting, and actually kind of gross, but I eat foods like that infrequently so I’m kind of excited to indulge. When I woke up this morning I rolled over to my husband and said “It’s barbecue day!” So, that’s an indication of the level of giddy I get about very unimportant things.

And if you’re not celebrating anything in particular day, keep in mind that it may be Tuesday, but it is the ONLY July 4, 2017 you’ll get, so make the most of it!

7 thoughts on “4/31 July Challenge

  1. I’m finding this challenge for July absolutely mesmerising. Being in the doldrums with my art at the moment (due to my Father passing last October), this appeals to me. I think I may very well challenge myself to do something similar. This is my fave image so far of the July series, it reminds me of Twinke Twinkle little star ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks you once again for the inspiration and virtual butt kick lol

    1. Ah thank you Caz! I am glad to hear this is a bit of a light for you. I’m really sorry to hear about your father passing. Creating is so hard in times of difficulty, but I know you will emerge with so much to say. I’m here should you need anything. Hug!

  2. That barbecue sounds wonderful! I am vegan so this is real exciting!!! LOL Is your husband vegan too, or does he think you have lost it? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I also need to know more about this pudding you are talking about. Maybe you should start a food day on your blog! LOL

    The stop motion workout really great! I think it was worth the trouble, it looks really cool.
    This photo is great, it is really hard to believe it can look so great considering you had to use so many photos.
    I love that B&W portrait of you, what a nice extra to come out of the shoot.

    Hope you have a great barbecue! I said heck with my health for the day, I bought pre made veggie patties, Sunchips, soy ice cream, plus my sister made vegan ice cream, and cream soda pop. You gotta cut loose once in a while, and this is a crazy as I get! LOL

    1. Haha! Yes, lost my marbles ๐Ÿ˜€
      Chia pudding! So simple! Put a few tablespoons of chia seeds in a cup and then cover with almond milk (or your favorite), add a bit of sweetener (agave is what I use) and if you like, a tablespoon of cocoa powder. Mix together and let sit overnight, then eat in the morning…my favorite! Even better with sliced strawberries!
      I’m with you – total no-health day. I’ve got some gardein in the fridge, though I’m going natural with the chocolate banana (n)ice cream this evening! give and take ๐Ÿ˜›
      Enjoy the day!

      1. Thanks, I will give it a try! ๐Ÿ™‚ I am always looking for something good to eat for breakfast, that isn’t hot in the summer, and I hate store bought cold cereal.

  3. The video is so adorable! Could watch it again and again. Love that you’re enjoying this creative challenge! Happy paper starry 4th!

  4. This was so magical to watch and amazing to read! I am loving your daily blogs and would love to do the same! Need to become bold and just do it!

    You look incredible in that BW portrait! I am looking forward to watching every day!

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