3/31 July Challenge

3/31 July Challenge

Today I went to one of my favorite spots where I live. I go on hikes about 3 days a week so I knew this spot well and I have been eager to shoot there since discovering it. The forest is my sacred place where I feel happiest and most connected. It is my peaceful place. Especially being there early in the morning when no one else is around gives me chills and inspiration.

“The Lights of Cathedral Forest”, self-portrait, shot with Sony A7II and a 50mm lens…and a mess of thorns.

I had come up with this image idea for a client and the image didn’t quite look good enough to give, so I recycled the idea for today’s shoot. Harry Potter, anyone?! I really wanted to bring it to life and love to be a part of each piece of the creating process. It allows me to be more in tune with my surroundings and more aware of things I might otherwise miss.

Today I watched a squirrel high in a tree jump from branch to branch. I listened to the roar of the creek nearby. I sat on a big, flat rock and pretended it was a sacrificial alter a long time ago. I let my mind wander to the spider webs and the crickets. I got stabbed by countless thorns.

Those peaceful moments, those early morning quiet and haunted times are the most inspirational to me. I am full of gratitude that I can experience them regularly, and I wish that you also find time to spend with your particular inspiration.

Where is your Inspiration Place?

2 thoughts on “3/31 July Challenge

  1. My most inspirational has to be hiking, and no one particular place, anywhere will do. That looks like a really great place to hike.
    Two questions:
    1, do you use a second camera for shooting the video during the shoot, or is it just the Sony?
    2, What kind of hiking boots do you wear?

  2. My inspiration places are any place I go and there is beautiful scenery. But there is one near and dear to me that I took some friends to this weekend. It has sandstone cliffs and is in central Wisconsin. I grew up near it and loved hiking there. Still do. I will be greatly saddened when I can no longer climb up and down the rocks, which I know isn’t too far away. Heck, I almost went over the cliff this time because I tripped on a branch. Too close for comfort. 🙂

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