Artist Journal Volume 4

Artist Journal Volume 4

The word is SPONTANEOUS, Brooke.

I’m letting my voicemail do the talking for this one. Mostly because I’m stressed today. And I have too many things on my to-do list. And I need to go to the grocery store. And I’m hungry. And I want to watch Star Trek (Voyager).

See, I’m getting better at taking care of my entrepreneurial self. And I’m attempting to not write my 161st blog post. I only half succeeded there. If you listen, you’ll understand.

Love and hugs,

3 thoughts on “Artist Journal Volume 4

  1. Now, this sounds weird or even creepy, but something about listening to you talk, in this little podcast is very calming for me. I instantly feel less stressed.
    It has been stressful but not stressful all at once. I quit my job, but my brain tells me every day I need to go to work when I don’t. So my days just feel wrong.
    However, I also do not have an income now, but I have tons of work to do before I can leave for Europe. It has been stressful even though I am freer. Then yesterday there was the shooting in New Zealand, these always upset me so much, and I also get so angry. Then if I leave the house everyone in this area is so pro-gun, I have to listen to them.
    The past few days have been hard, so thanks for this, I feel better.
    I am going to do some writing.

  2. I am one of the many creative soul that every so often I look up at your work but mostly I enjoy reading your messages that are attached to your images. I just listed to your voice mail, and I’m very excited for your road tour that will take you to the UK, and would love to know more about it, if you already have dates and venues organised for London…or maybe Scotland??

    Every time I listen to you or read your thoughts I look in the mirror and I see myself!! You are teaching me, showing me parts of me I would otherwise not notice. So….thank you!

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