Artist Journal Volume 3

Artist Journal Volume 3

Attaching to my weirdness.

What is weird art? I think, maybe, there is art, and there is not art. Weird art is just art. That’s how it should be, in my opinion. The weirder the better. The more surprising, the more it feels like art.

I looked back through my images lately, and I noticed that I was freshly drawn to the weird stuff – the body morphing, the distortions, the Photo-shopped flesh. I wanted to belong to that type of weird art genre again.

I let it go because I became too aware of the art world and my position in it. I became savvy to the idea that I was creating weird art instead of just doing it. It became something separate from me.

I need to learn to attach to it again. Let it fill me. I need to do it no matter what, because weird art is the only art worth creating – for me.

This is just a musing on my need to get back to that place. Today it started by acknowledging what I’m currently drawn to in my own body of work. Tomorrow, maybe I’ll get out there and try to create with that inspiration again.

No, not try. I’ll just do it. Art doesn’t have to be good, after all. And, better if it’s not.

One thought on “Artist Journal Volume 3

  1. I have never created an image with a morphed or distorted body, it is something I should really try. However, I have now posed for one, while in Colorado for Aurora I posed for Dale. I am now going to be a centaur! LOL So I am getting closer to morphed or distorted art. 😉

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