Artist Retreat in Hana, Hawaii!

Artist Retreat in Hana, Hawaii!

A dream comes true every time I am given the opportunity to travel and experience the inspiration of adventure…Join me for a long weekend away in Hana, Hawaii for an artist retreat absolutely filled with nourishing adventure, 3 days of education, and experiences that we will never forget.

From waterfalls to caves and underwater photography in the ocean, we will create adventures together that go beyond a workshop setting. For 4 nights we will live together, create, inspire, challenge, and share ourselves while a new family is born. Retreats are meant to feed the creative spark as well as the creative’s soul. I know that’s how I feel…renewed and passionate, and that is why I love hosting artist retreats so much.

The price is all-inclusive outside of transportation to the island of Maui, meaning that your living accommodations, food, transportation while at the retreat, and location/model fees are included. You show up, we take care of the rest. The “we” I reference are myself (I’ll be leading the event), along with two assistants and a resident model who is there for your inspirational whims.

You need nothing but your favorite camera, a laptop, and a tripod if it isn’t too difficult to fit in your luggage! Read the information packet on my website to get more details, pictures, and a thorough schedule…or to book a space!

October 2-6, 2014
$1,950 per person

My theme song for this retreat!

11 thoughts on “Artist Retreat in Hana, Hawaii!

  1. Brooke I can’t lock into this just yet. I desperately want to. I check back with you in a few weeks when I have a better idea and see if someone had to drop out. So sorry. I REALLY want to go:/

  2. Hi! Are you still thinking of comming to Australia? If so are you able to give an indicative date? I don’t want to miss it!!

    1. Hi Francisca! I will be coming 😀 The first half of December is when I’ll be there with plans to visit Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth!

  3. Thanks a lot Brooke!! I’ll make sure I leave an empty calendar!!!! Can’t wait!!!!!

  4. Hi Brooke, This looks very exciting. I couldn’t find a policy on significant others. Is there a possibility for spouses that would like to be there but not attend the classes?

    1. Hi Michael! Great to hear from you! Unfortunately the space is only big enough to accommodate the attendees, but there are many lovely vacation rentals around the area that someone could stay in, or even visit other parts of Maui while we’re all together. My family is coming to visit me after the retreat finishes 🙂

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