Begin Again

Begin Again

“Begin Again”

For you who have chosen to dive deep with the creatures we cannot name
or you who never chose to fall so far but caught a wisp of cloud on the way down,
For you who takes a lifetime to say Yes after No has stolen your voice
and you who must die a fiery death to be reborn the whole piece you were searching for.

We are the seekers who find ourselves in the cloak of darkness where we know Creativity is born
and the builders who dig deeper than dirt to find the pillars of our strength,
We are the many and the few who are alone and all at once encompassed by solidarity.

We search for moments that rip us apart so that we feel alive.

We search for the switch that turns time slower so that we can replay the hideous and beautiful.

For you who cannot speak out loud the names that you wish you had been assigned
or you who looks behind your shoulder every morning to make sure your shadow obeys,
and you who falls to bruised knees to beg for a chance that long passed you by.

To us who need to turn the page and see nothing written but the space to write –


To us who close a book and wish we had never opened it for ending inspiration –


To us who have fallen deep into the plagiarisms of other author’s stories –


And to us who have begun and have been told too many times to end –

Begin again.

6 thoughts on “Begin Again

  1. Lovely! I still can’t believe the convention ended two weeks ago. I still feel like I’m not ‘really’ back at home yet mentally, and I think that’s a good thing. I’d rather be some place new instead of exactly where I was before, because that’s kind of the point, isn’t i?

  2. Hello Brooke,

    I am writing for two reasons: first is to say thank you for inspiring me in a way that I never thought was possible. It’s important for us to recognize and to show gratitude and I really want to thank you for being so generous with your time and yourself.

    The second reason for writing is to ask you a question: do you calibrate your monitor? I have found that my images read perfectly on my monitor but show very differently on anything else. The colors are much more muted which is fine in certain circumstances but overall the image is dark and muted on every device other than my main computer. Have you experienced this and do you have a remedy for this situation?

    Thanks so much for your time and I’m just trying to figure out a way to correct this. I’m not sure what to do…

    What do you suggest??

    Rosetta (in Seattle)

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