Best & Worst Qualities

Best & Worst Qualities

The other day I blogged about the power of connecting with people, and I realized after writing it that I could do even more to facilitate those connections. Meeting people in person is amazing. It is intimate and heartfelt and so often it leads to bigger and better things…even if that bigger and better thing is a simple smile.

But let’s get to know each other here. I want you to answer 3 questions with as much heart as you can – with honesty and conviction.

What is your worst quality?

What is your best quality?

Why do I bother asking? Many reasons. I want to get to know people. I want to feel like I know more than what their pictures look like or what they ate for breakfast. I want to be aware of my best and worst qualities so that I might fix the ones that are bad and utilize the good. I want to meet people in person and online and put my best quality forward.

Personal growth comes from understanding who you are and who you want to be, and making changes for the better.

Describe yourself in 5 words.

I believe that we can embrace one another and grow and change. I am willing to bet that so many of our bad qualities intersect, and even in the negative we can identify positivity.

My worst quality: My inability to handle stress and how I take that out on others.

My best quality: My ability to see life as an ever-changing adventure with a positive spin.

5 words: Introverted, inspired, creative, motivated, nervous.

Celebrate the BEST in you! Do not deny the worst – understand it, and move past it. The sooner you know who you are, the sooner you can become who you want to be.Β 

152 thoughts on “Best & Worst Qualities

  1. My worst quality:
    the way i talk to people i love. “it’s not what you say it’s how you say it” constantly working on this one.

    My best quality:
    ability to adapt to change.

    5 words:
    creative. passionate. honest. silly. perfectionist.

    1. Stephanie, I so identify with you. Specifically, your worst quality. Isn’t it amazing how we can be so lovely to strangers but when it comes to people we are closest to, it all falls apart? I am so guilty of this in so many ways. It becomes easy to take them for granted and believe they won’t be going anywhere, when the truth is we can never know how soon someone will be taken from us. I feel freshly motivated to make that quality in myself better – thank you for saying it.

    2. HI all!!

      best quality – im kind. i care, i have a soft spot for people.

      Worst? so connected to the first – i am a HUGE people pleaser. i will hurt myself, to not hurt others. i ALWAYS put others before me.

      5 words: creative, smiler, emotional, timid, mother

    3. My Worst Quality: I am such an introvert and I am shy which makes it hard to have confidence in my work.
      My Best Quality: I always want to take care of people. Which can be related to my worst quality because I care too much about what other people think.

      5 words: Introvert, Inspired, Creative, Quiet, Thinker

    4. My worst quality: low self-esteem, I worry too much about what others might think of me, impatience
      My best quality: loyal, caring, enjoying little moments
      5 words: shy, imaginative, dreamer, nerdy, anxious
      Thanks for being an Inspiration Brooke! πŸ™‚

    1. Tycho, I love how you said punctual – something that I bet not a lot of people think about but means a whole ton to me!

    2. To me it means the world. I really dislike waiting for appointments, Waiting for a bus that’s running late, waiting for a friend who overslept. All I can do is try to make sure people generally speaking don’t have to wait for me. It’s really not that hard in my opinion. I rather be half an hour early than 5 minutes late.

  2. My worst quality is my nose!! haha also how i look at things. Everythings half empty to me.

    My best quality is how i push and take on board all criticism and make my modelling work to high standard!

    5 words: Anxious, Motivated, inspired, open and hardworking

    1. Samm, your 5 words are mine too! I feel the same. And your nose?!?! I grew up thinking I had the worst nose, but eh, now I turn to the side to take pictures to show it off ;-D

    2. aha! same really and to prove those wrong who believe i can’t do it. I can do it, i have the motivation and will push myself until i succeed like you 100% have!

  3. My worst quality:sometimes i lack faith in my work .

    My best quality:letting go of old things and embracing new things.

    5 words:moody,.smiling,shy,daydream,inspired

    1. Aww I love that you can let go of old things. It’s amazing how much that can hold people back. I have a friend like that, who can’t let anything go, and while I always want to lecture about how things are just things, they mean something different to everyone. Thank you for sharing!

    2. aha! same really and to prove those wrong who believe i can’t do it. I can do it, i have the motivation and will push myself until i succeed like you 100% have!

    3. my brother changed my perspective of things by his words “things are meant to be used and not loved but people in life are meant to be loved and not used “

  4. I was in depression and didnt picked up the camera for almost a year……i undervalued my work so much that now i feel sorry for it….but soon my life took turn and one day i felt that enough is enough , no one is going to respect me or my work if i dont respect it myself…….and it sparked me once again… i have new goals and many plans for 2014….. brook you have a big role in inspiring me…..i read your blog more than i watched your pictures ….. πŸ™‚

    1. I am so relieved to hear that you are creating new goals and dreams for this year. I think that we all fear losing our passion, and I am so happy that you’re finding what makes you happy again.

  5. My worst quality:I am very cynical
    My best quality: I am extremely compassionate
    5 words: kind,passionate,intuitive,steady,curious

    1. Eric, I used to share that “worst quality” with you. It has taken me years to let it go. I love that you are compassionate. That is exactly the trait I tried to use to get rid of the cynicism πŸ™‚

  6. My worst quality would be how easily my mood can change: one day, I’m all about loving the world, being optimistic… and the next day it seems that everything is dark and nonsense. This is exhausting, not only for me, but for the people who know me and live with me.

    My best quality would be to be able to chill about so called important things, and to really let it be, or let it go.

    My five words would be: sensitive, empathetic, genuine, anxious and different.

    1. Ninon, I am guilty of the same…Sometimes I wake up in a mood and I’m not sure why. I have gotten so much better about combating that, but I am definitely one of those whose mood can change quickly. I blame it on hunger πŸ˜›

  7. My worst quality: My insecurity and how i let it control what i achieve in life.

    My best quality: My ability to see the world with love and sometimes seeing the details that others can miss.

    5 words: Creative, Emotional, Empathetic, Curious, Scared.

    1. Aww Carla, I love your best quality. That is an amazing thing to be able to do. I often find myself shrieking about how amazing the clouds are when no one else sees it. Life is about details <3

  8. My worst quality: I would mention several but since it’s the worst…it would be…stressing out so much all the time that I have a serious/sad face most of the time.

    My best quality: Again…I would mention several but the best I can think of right now is… Loving passionately and with hope!

    5 words: Passionate, Introverted, Listener, Spiritual, Open

    1. Rocio, your best quality is what I have already come to know and love about you, through the few interactions we’ve had. I completely agree πŸ™‚

  9. Best quality: passionate about everything I do

    Worst quality: Impatient and sometimes too serious

    5 words: Maternal, kind, soulful, animal lover, creator

  10. My worst quality: Having faith isn’t something that comes easily to me. My first instinct is usually to feel like something isn’t going to work out or people (including myself) won’t live up to something. Constant work in progress. Trying to retrain my brain!

    My Best Quality: I feel very passionately about things. To me, if it’s worth caring about, do so with gusto! This isn’t always a welcomed quality…but I’m glad I keep it in my pocket πŸ™‚

    5 Words: Caring, Curious, Passionate, Loving, Imaginative

    1. Dottie, what an amazing thing to point out about not having faith. I think that is something that most people struggle with, the idea that something might not work out so it isn’t worth pursuing. But I love your passion, that is such an amazing thing to have.

  11. Worst Quality: I put off things. I am trying to stick with a schedule this year. I am buying a giant calendar and sticking to it. When you have dreams the only way to reach them is to make yourself do it. And I need to do that. And I should probably smile more, I get comments about how I look like I am depressed or moody because of my expression – when really I am just sitting there perfectly fine and content. I need to make sure I express my feelings on the inside – on the outside.

    Best Quality: I filled this out last. Perhaps that might say something about me. I think my best quality is my imagination. I can create a story about someone, something, an object – anything – just by looking at it and be inspired. I have an almost too vivid imagination. (or so I am told)

    Describe myself in 5 words: For some reason this is hard for me. I think I need to figure out who I am. I am forcing myself to think about my qualities and my work. Even the nitty gritty stuff.
    Dreamer. Imaginative. Worrier. Contemplative. Awkward.

    1. Sydney, I identify with so much of what you said. But too big an imagination – no way πŸ™‚ It’s just perfect. I also got a big calendar for the same reason and you know what?? I forgot to hang it! Gah! So thank you for that reminder!

    2. thank you for sharing that. I totally know how you feel and trust me, you are not the only one. it’s a constant struggle for me to keep up with my stuff whilst I work and when I have time not to just sleep til I have to start the my ‘real’ work again…

  12. Best Quality: My heart. I care deeply for others, It is really important to me to make others feel encouraged, loved, appreciated and acknowledged.

    Worst Quality: Lack of confidence/self esteem.

    5 Words: Caring, Empathic, Creative, Silly and loyal.

    1. You DO care deeply for others, and for that, I am so grateful for you. And I am working on that worst quality. *cough* prints *cough*. Xoxo

  13. I just made today some personality test… and this continues, that soul searching <3
    My worst quality impatient… there are many others… thinking too much etc, self-critisicm
    My best quality.. loving the life, and seeing the little things

    5 words… kind,passionate,creative,emotional,romantic

  14. Worst: Negative viewpoint, which I believe meditation, better diet and exercise are helping with.

    Best: Sticking up for people I love

    5 Words? Photographer with a day job

    1. That is so awesome that you are taking clear steps to eradicate your worst quality. How amazing to see change happening. Haha! I love your 5 words πŸ˜›

  15. My worst quality: My inability to make a decision in a timely fashion

    My best quality: My ability to lend an ear or be a shoulder to lean on for family and friends when needed.

    5 words: shy, quiet, creative, passionate, loving

    1. Ahhh decision making…yes I know many who struggle there. Sometimes I am the opposite, too quick to make a decision only later to realize I hadn’t thought it through πŸ˜› Your best quality is so giving and loving, and I need to adopt more of that.

  16. My best quality is my ability to forgive!

    My worst quality is my guilty concience. It messes with everything!

    5 words describing me: shy, maternal, somber, open & dreamer.

    1. Oh I love that – the ability to forgive. Such a rare thing I find, and so often when someone is forgiving, it can be to their detriment. Good for you! <3

  17. I love what you said about the power of connecting with people. How very true! There is something so enlightening and uplifting about connecting with someone new. It reminds us how big the world really is.

    Worst quality: I sometimes find it hard to be forgiving.
    Best quality: I genuinely care about people.
    5 words: Independent, creative, adventurous, loyal, a dreamer.

  18. Yes see the key is find some middle ground on the decision making, not to hastily make decisions and don’t take too long because you could really miss out on something. Thank you Brooke for doing this and bringing this type of thing to the forefront, really makes you evaluate things. You are amazing Brooke!

  19. Hihi(: I love your work and your blog is amazing because you will reach out to people and create a community to connect with people. It’s just really amazing getting to know different people.


    Worst quality: I get jealous easily and I think this is because of my lack of self-esteem (because of issues that have happened in the past)

    Best quality: I care about people a lot and I tend to help others and understand them. I also might go out of my way to help someone I really care about.

    5 words to describe myself: Bubbly, Optimistic, Empathetic, Crazy and Loyal

    Thanks for putting up this site<3

    1. Thank you Noel! Ahhh I see myself in your worst quality. That has been my number one thing I’ve been trying to change these past few years <3

  20. My worst quality: being an introvert and not interacting much with people.

    My best quality: the way i understand things and come to an appropriate conclusion.

    5 words: quiet, creative, photoholic, shy, traveller

    1. Naman, always remember that being an introvert can be amazing as long as it doesn’t hinder you. I hope that you can reach out and interact while still maintaining who you are <3

  21. Best quality: I try to be friends with everyone on this planet.
    Worst quality: Unconsciously I think of me like I am better than other people.

    5 words: inspired,ambitious,bossy :/ ,impulsive,generous.

    1. Wow Marko that is such an insightful thing to say, to see yourself above others…I think that most people naturally do that but never recognize it, and that is where selfishness comes in. Good for you for noticing! I love how you want to be friend with everyone, that is so awesome πŸ™‚

    2. Worst: Most times criticism brings me down instead of inspiring me to get better ,like to have control of things (things be done my way), easy to compare myself to other people.

      Best: Creative, when passional I give the best and all I got, Im super honest cant really lie.

      5 words: Magical, Insecure,Funny, Huggable, Anxious.

      1. I think it is great that you can’t lie. My whole family has that trait…gets us in trouble sometimes but mostly I find it refreshing. I can always ask my mom something and know I’m getting a straight answer πŸ™‚

  22. Worst quality: I expect perfection from myself so I expect it in others too.
    Best Quality: Ferociously Loyal. My love is BIG, open and unapologetic, so if your my friend you will know it in sickness and health and until the day I die.
    5 words
    Big Hearted, Generous, Sincere, Hardworking and Compassionate.
    Geez that was harder than I thought. lol
    I enjoyed reading everyone’s honest self examinations. Have a great day everyone and focus on those 5 words because it is likely what others think of you first. πŸ™‚

    1. Love what you said Jen. I am guilty of the same in having high expectations for others. I am learning to let that go a little bit so that I can enjoy life more πŸ™‚

  23. Not Long ago I went into a teashop to buy some tea, usually I don’t talk much to the shop keeper but magically that time I did, and it appeared that she is a fashion student, and I am an aspiring fashion photographer looking for People like her, and there goes a new opportunity. Its amazing how we actually meet people sometimes, we just have to open our mouth.

    Best : Knowing what to prioritize, which allowed me to multitask

    Worst : at times my self esteem goes down and up like a roller coaster, especially before a shoot, sometimes making me feel depressed

    5 words : Dreamer, Passionate, Believer, Introvert, Perserverence

  24. my worst: I wait to the very last minute, I guess because I want to be overly perfect, instead of doing it. which sometimes leads to not doing it at all.

    my best: my undying optimism and loyality.

    5 words: dreamer, bubbly, loyal, compassionate, ambitious

  25. Dear Brooke, thanks for asking.

    My worst quality: Do not believe in myself.

    My best quality: My intuition is always right.

    5 words: generous, procrastinate, curious, adatable to change, hardworking.

  26. I’m so in love with this blog, Brooke!

    My worst qualities: definitely my jealousy + wanting everything to be perfect

    My best qualities: appreciating life and probably my helpfulness

    Talkative, happy, enthusiastic, perfectionist, dominant

    1. Awww thank you Evelyne! I appreciate you <3 Ahh yes, being a perfectionist. So hard to move past, yet so hard to get right πŸ˜‰ And you know, I really love a good helpful person. I need to be more of that.

  27. Worst quality: My inability to handle stress and anxiety.
    Best quality: My ability to make friends and believing them.
    5 words: introverted, passionate, altruistic, creative, sensitive…

    1. I am totally with you on the stress and anxiety. That has turned into my number one goal for myself this year.

  28. My worst quality:

    I lack consistency. If I love anything, I easily get biased.

    My best quality:

    Whatever I do, I do with total devotion.

    P.S: Your way of photography is one of the most amazing inspirations I had.

  29. Worst: Expecting too much from myself and that leads to tons of disappointments, prolonging projects, having fear of starting new once and depression.

    Best: Passionate.

    5 words: Introverted, funny,creative, dreamer, loyal.

    Thanks for doing this. Honestly I have never tried to analyse myself in this way before and this was not easy at all and I am going to think some more on those.

    1. I am with you on the expecting too much and feeling disappointed – we must all realize that our best is good enough. A difficult thing to do. Thank you so much for sharing.

  30. Worst quality: Lack of punctuality. I often feel like I have no conception of time. An hour goes by, and to me feels like 10 min.
    Best quality: I am going to share two. One is that I am very passionate, and love deeply. The other is a belief in myself, that I can achieve anything I set my mind to. It hasn’t always been that way, but since discovering myself through photography, I am more confident, and motivated than ever in my life.
    5 words: passionate, dreamer, creative, intuitive, mother

    1. Heather, that is so wonderful that you have found your best qualities through photography. What a gift you have given yourself!

    2. Thank you Brooke! And I must say that any time I read your blog, or facebook posts it makes me smile on the inside. You are genuine & inspirational. And I love you for it. πŸ™‚

  31. Oh my goodness this is so great! I loved reading what everyone has written! πŸ™‚

    My worst quality: I can be passive and insecure therefore I let other people rule me. I also interrupt people when they talk and I absolutely hate this about myself.

    My best quality: I am kind and compassionate and always try to see the good in everyone and anything.

    5 words: kind, hardworking, joyous, emotional, fun

    (also, not sure if anyone is having this issue but the form won’t accept my website, just thought I would mention it).

    1. That worst quality is one that I think a lot of people share at least in some situations. I have tried very hard to rid it from my body…not sure if it has worked yet! I will look into the website issue, thank you!

  32. My worst quality: I get discouraged too easily because I expect too much from the results I’ll get after the hard work I’ve put in something, and then I don’t try again.

    My best quality: I have a very strong character and that helps me survive many situations and handle the people around me.

    5 words: honest, shy, mad, artist, human

  33. My worst: i tend to think ‘i can do that tomorrow’ whenever boring things needs to be done. Then they pile up, and suck the energy right out of you as the pile grows.

    My best: I believe all people have a talent, and I encourage everyone I meet to find it and have the courage to say ‘I am good at this!’.

    Five words:
    Positive, passionate, stubborn, caring, creating

    1. Two wonderful points! I think I procrastinate now more than ever! Comes with being busy I think. I ADORE your best quality and wish I had more of it!

  34. Truly touching post Brooke, as I often struggle with this same issue. But like you, when I do manage to conjure up the courage to do so, I have often found that people are just as willing to make small talk as you are once they realize there is no need to keep their guard up with you. I have actually been wanting to reach out to you to thank you and this post post was a blessing in that aspect. I have only been in the photography field for right at a year and I like many others were just stuck in the over-edited HDR phase! Lol! That was until I saw your work and interview on SLR Lounge and it was the most influential moment I have had in my short career thus far. What’s even more fascinating was the image that caught my attention was the exact image you used on your facebook page for this post, “waiting to fly.” It was definitely a sign telling me to reach out. πŸ™‚ to make a long story short, your work and your true passion has been extremely contagious and so moving it has inspired me to lengths you couldn’t even imagine and taken my work to a completely different level. Although I have just begun my journey and am only scratching the surface thus far, because Of your inspiration, I have had the courage to put myself out there and was just invited to showcase my work at the RAW Artist event here in New Orleans and have set goals to have my work in galleries by the end of the year. I honestly had no clue I was capable of becoming so passionate about something as I am for this amazing field! Your Creative Live workshops were amazing and I can’t tell you how many times I have watched them and learn new things every time I do. Can’t wait until February! So I just really needed to write and say Thank You for all that you do. It’s amazing how you are able to have such an effect on complete “strangers” by just being who you are. So for that I am grateful! Keep doing what you are doing because you are an amazing soul!!!

  35. My worst quality –
    I sat and thought about this for ten minutes, and finally decided that what I least like about myself is the way I treat others when I disagree with them, or if I’m upset about something in particular that happened to me that day. I’m struggling to find a way to release my frustration in healthy ways.

    My best quality –
    I’m happy with my mind and my point of view. On the outside, I’m very average and shy, but inside, I’m bursting with ideas and creativity. I believe my view of the world is different from most, however everyone else could just be hiding their true self, too.

    5 words that describe me –
    artistic, quiet, thoughtful, driven, dreamer

    (By the way, Brooke, I wanted to thank you for teaching me what photography is truly about. It’s more than just taking beautiful pictures. It’s an art, a form of expression, and a way to make dreams become reality. I’ve looked up to you for a long time and you’ve inspired me to become a photographer, even if the world says it’s not a good career choice. Thank you. You’ve helped me find myself.)

  36. My worst quality:
    I have a tendency to talk myself down, creating unneccassary stress and anxiety and cornering myself into not taking action.

    My best quality:
    (hard one…) My love of helping people and teaching them new things

    5 words: curious, sensitive, dreamer, huggable, laid-back.

    I love reading everyones input on this one. Makes me feel sort of happy to know we are all so diverse, yet connected in love of art and/or photography.

    1. I agree Richard, it is so nice to hear from everyone and feel like we are all connected in some way. I love that you have a love of teaching – that is such a passion of mine too.

  37. Like the direction these blogs are taking. I think that as artists we grow from the work we do. It’s our way of healing our issues, and if brave enough, allows us to push past fears – of course I am totally talking about my own experience. As for your questions – I am not so black and white to be able to say one thing (depends on the day really…. we are so darn complex as women and artists) right off the bat. After a bit of pondering:
    My worst quality: Inconsistency – As much as I try to be consistent with so many things (eating healthy, being deliberate in my shooting, getting to the gym, shooting regularly, staying on a schedule to progress forward) I am like a popcorn fart in the wind sometimes. I go with my feelings that day.. I am going to ponder this one more because I think the issue is deeper – it’s never what we think it is.
    My Best quality – The ability to see things from more than one perspective, and allowing for an opinion or point of view I had to be changed based on new information. (I am not great at debates)
    5 words: Knowledge seeker, Spiritual, Supportive, Empathic, Juggler (not the circus kind but tasks, ideas, thoughts, etc)

    1. Kimberly, thank you so much. I appreciate the feedback on the blog!

      It is so hard, isn’t it? To just say one thing or another. We cannot be defined so easily, and the more we realize that, the more room we have to grow. Xoxo

    1. I struggled with intolerance for a long time – maybe not in an obvious way, but certainly in a big way.

  38. Worst: I am a procrastinator, when it comes to my personal responsibilities I do most everything last minute, then it stresses me out and I take that stress out on loved ones, like it is their fault, and this something I really have to work on..

    Best: I am very loyal and honest. If you know me then you know I am always there for you.

    5 words : loyal, procrastinator, creative, adventurous, humorous

    1. Sacha, in the brief time I’ve known you, I can already tell that you are a loyal and honest person xoxo

  39. Wow! What a thought-provoking post. I love it!

    My worst: I am afraid of failure so sometimes I don’t even try.

    My best: I try to see the best in people, situations and the world.

    Five words:
    Artist, supportive, airy-fairy, passionate, noticer of small things.

    P.S. I had to put http:// in front of my website to get it to show up as valid. Hope this helps someone. πŸ™‚

  40. My worst quality is that it is difficult for me to share my feelings. So often I stay hidden out of fear of not being accepted or liked.

    My best quality is that I really enjoy encouraging, affirming, and blessing others. I am growing in self-care, which photography is part of!!!

    Five words: funny, generous, not punctual, kind, loyal

    1. Ron, I understand the desire to hide feelings. It can be so hard to open up to people. And how wonderful that you are so loving…I crave people like that in my life πŸ™‚

  41. My Worst Quality: My anxiety takes over me so I end up not taking opportunities.

    My Best Quality: My motivation. Because of it, I have been able to continue to grow, show people that they can be motivated too, and I have been able to stand up for myself.

    5 words: compassionate, feminist, motivated, creative, understanding

  42. Worst Quality: Epic impatience – with myself and, more so, with others, especially when I have a vision or an idea that I need others to help or get on board with and I am unable to effective communicate it so they understand what I am talking about and see it as I do.

    Best Quality: Since I struggle with self acceptance, this is hard for me, but if I had to pick something it would have say it is my ability to understand and execute just about any task to which I set my mind.

    5 Words: Funny, adventurous, multi-talented, intuitive, independent

    1. Mary, I am so impatient too! I remember as a kid I would sit and wait for an hour before a friend would come over, and complain on car rides. I was an annoying child. And I still have that quality today.

      That is an amazing good trait to have. So many people struggle with that.

  43. My worst quality: I refuse to do things that don’t make sense to me.
    Best quality: I’d do anything for the people I care about.

    Five words: Free-spirited, workaholic, focused, fast learner, distrustful.

    (And, my 5 words to describe you whenever I gush about you to anyone who listens: Eloquent, creative, inspired, cheerful, inventive).

    1. Miu – that “worst quality” sounds just like my husband πŸ™‚ And I love that you are so loyal to those you care about – such a great way to be.

      Thank you SO much for being so kind!! That means the world to me!

  44. Worst quality: I am EXTREMELY insecure and self conscious.

    Best Quality: I am a good listener and a good friend. (Which is strictly an assumption).

    Five words: Dreamer, Lazy, Insecure, Funny, Friendly.

    1. Aww Rebecca – I wish I could come over and shake you! Sending you good, secure vibes! I love that you’re a dreamer. That’s my favorite thing to be πŸ™‚

  45. Hi Brooke
    I wasn’t going to respond but then thought yeah go on see all the good and bad in writing, (btw writing this made me cry) so here goes:
    Worst Quality: Worrier & scenario builder
    Best Quality: Empathic to the extreme

    Five words: super-sensitive, compassionate, jester, creative, lost

    1. Aww Carin I am so glad that you put yourself out there. That is wonderful that you did – I’d be nervous to as well. I am extremely empathetic as well. I can’t help but cry if I see someone else crying.

  46. Thank you, Brooke, for allowing this space to share and be encouraged & inspired:

    My worst quality: Procrastination – especially when it comes to money.

    My best quality: Creative thinker – coming up with interesting solutions or ideas.

    5 words: Love, passion, positive, serious, intuitive

  47. My Worst Quality:
    Procrastination, I lack focus and am easily distracted. Always trying to do too many things at once!

    My Best Quality:
    Understanding, I empathise with others when helping to resolve their issues. (Useful for my day job in IT Support)

    5 Words: Honest, Direct, intuitive, helpful, open-minded

    Brooke; you really do get us thinking πŸ™‚

    1. Tony – I need to work on being more understanding, and just reading that gave me the push to work on it, so thank you!

  48. Worst Quality: I always have a lot of great ideas, but they seem to stay just that. Ideas.

    Best Quality: I have, what I think is a great ability so see others true self. I see peoples spirit beyond their humanity.

    5 words: Loving, open, anxious, simple, spiritual.

  49. My Best Quality: When I throw myself into something, be it gardening, photography, an event or a new project I do it heart and soul planning things down to the tiniest details. (I think details are that extra something that makes life magical. . .)

    My Worst Quality: When I throw myself into something, be it gardening, photography, an event or a new project, I do it heart and soul, planning things down to the tiniest detail.

    This often causes me to become deaf and blind to anything else going on around me. I become impatient, sigh loudly when asked about anything not related to what I’m working on and neglect my sweet husband, grown kids and dear friends dreadfully.

    5 Words: Whimsical, dreamer, Introvert, Story lover, Information Ninja (That’s on my library card. ;D )

    Oops! That’s 7 words . . .

  50. Ok, well here goes!
    My Worst Quality: I procrastinate. I’m a deep thinker and think way too much into things which is why I can’t seem to get things done. I wrap myself up in to much which then makes me sit and ponder for so long that I will second guess myself. Do you know how long it’s going to take me to write this? LOL

    My Best Quality:
    I would have to say being creative and crafty. Been this way my whole life.

    My 5 words: Creative, Deep Thinker, Aquarius, Introvert, Dreamer

    I just need to take a deep breath and keep going.
    Hugs to you Brooke.

  51. Worst quality: If I deeply care about something, my imagination takes me to envisioning the worst things happening despite my inclination towards optimism. Because of this, I am nervous and self-doubting. It doesn’t seem to matter how much hard work I’ve put into making my life a better one, anxiety still follows me.

    Best quality: I am not easily angered and am quick to see both sides; I tend to see the best in people. I encourage the ideas and passions of others and am welcoming to those who may feel left out.

    5 words:
    Introverted (I suspect I’ll be otherwise when I have a smile to match my heart)

  52. Just stumbled across you and would like to say how much I’ve been enjoying your posts! Thank you!
    Worst quality: Procrastination – by far.
    Best quality: sense of humor?
    Five words: motivated, funny, too friendly, creative, sometimes lazy

  53. What is your worst quality?
    My worst quality, far and away, is my self-doubt. I grew up thinking I was a “stupid little girl” and got mentally convinced that I was by many of my teachers in elementary school. When things get tough I often find that I revert to that mentality, especially with my photography. It’s something I work on changing every single day! (my other worst quality is I elaborate…A LOT haha).

    What is your best quality?
    My best quality…I guess my friendliness or acceptance? My father was an archeologist and I grew up around many different cultures and different types of people so I’m very accepting of anyone and everyone. I’ve been told that people find me very easy to talk to.
    5 Words: Kind, Creative, Emotional, Dreamer, Animal Lover

  54. Worst quality: my lack of self confidence

    Best quality: being a survivor and always keeping it real and honest!

    5 words: insecure yet creative, perfectionist anxious, obsessive compulsive!

  55. Worst Quality: Inertia, even in times of great inspiration.

    Best Quality: An eye for creating/structuring narrative. A desire to simplify grand concepts to their simplest, most beautiful representations.

    5 words: introverted; positive; ADD; honest; sensitive.

    Fun exercise! Thanks for being a constant inspiration, Brooke.

  56. I love how you can share so openly and encourage people to do the same. I’ve never been as inspired by someone as I am by you, not only as a photographer but as a human being. So, thank you.

    It’s tough to pinpoint these answers, because I feel there isn’t one worst and one best quality. Nevertheless, I would say:

    My worst quality: my crippling inability to distance myself from the people who hurt me or do me wrong
    My best quality: helpfulness of ability to be a good friend

    Five words: emotional, hard-working, dreamer, trusting, friendly

  57. Worst Quality: Not pushing myself

    Best Quality: Learn quickly

    5 Words: introverted, smart, imaginative, intuitive, observant

  58. Worst Quality – I am incredibly anxious, self-conscious, and I worry a LOT about what other people think about me.

    Best Quality – I’m very passionate. When I love something, I love it with all my heart: my husband, my family, my creativity, my dreams. (Though I will say this sometimes lends itself to anxiety :p)

    5 Words: passionate, creative, introverted, anxious, nerdy

    I love that you’ve created a safe place for us to open up and learn about ourselves and others. It’s been lovely to read all these responses.

  59. Worst Quality – I feel like it’s a tie between three. Being my own worst critic, thinking badly about myself, and always wondering how I appear to others.

    Best Quality – When it comes to anything art related, I’m fearless.

    5 Words that describe me: inspired, soft, creative, photography, loving.

    I went into this comment box thinking that these were easy questions, but I sat here for a good while figuring it out! I hope to soon be able to fill out the best qualities faster than the worst ones.

    Promoting Passion is such an inspiration, Brooke. I feel connected and at home when I read these posts and it always inspires me to go out and make something wonderful. Thank you.

  60. Sometimes I feel like saying “this is what I’m good at”, or “this is what’s good about me” makes me sound a little.. conceited. I think I grew up thinking that selflessness is above everything, and somewhere along the way selflessness got mixed up with self deprecation. I’m not sure if that makes any sense, but I am slowly realizing that it’s OK to love and accept myself; not just ok, but necessary. So here it goes:

    Worse quality: I’m very insecure, and naive.
    Best quality: I’m kind and sympathetic and I try my best to be there for everyone.
    5 words: shy, creative, loving, anxious, emotional

  61. Worst Quality – I am too open about me with people on the first meet due to which some start taking me for granted.

    Best Quality – I am a very strong person from within. I always try to make the best of time with my friends and family and i try to store all my precious moments in a diary i keep secretly in my mind.

    5 words: lazy, cheerful, crazy, nature lover, creative.

    And i love your photography. Your work is Beautiful.

  62. It is so enlightening to read about everyone’s personal insights. Really good questions to have to answer….

    My worst quality….stubbornness when I think I am right

    My best quality…. compassion for all living things

    5 words: friend, particular, appreciator, spiritual, artistic

  63. Worst quality: I tend to struggle trusting people again that have (in my silly opinion) wronged me in some way…
    Best quality: I love to encourage people to follow what is in their hearts. There are few things so beautiful to me as a person living a fulfilled and inspired life! Life is too short for regrets…

    I would describe myself as an explorer, intense, quiet, expressionistic, stubborn.

    Thank you Brooke for this awesome space of sharing!

  64. My worst quality: being selfish with the people I care about the most. by selfish I mean when I am committed or passionate about a project or something specific, I will forget everything exists and concentrate solely on the thing I’m doing.

    My best quality: I’m a dreamer. My husband considers it a bad quality but for me, it pushes me to try new things and work hard to achieve them.

    5 words: passionate, energetic, punctual, extrovert, self-critical

  65. Hi Brooke! Thank you for this blog post! Sometimes it’s good to take a step back and truly question how you perceive yourself. I believe it induces a wonderful sense of self-awareness that often gets lost in our “daily grind.”

    Worst quality: My fear of the unknown.

    Best quality: My curiosity.

    5 words: dreamer, caring, anxious, adventurous, introvert

  66. Hello!

    My worst quality would be the fact that I am constantly afraid of what people might think of me, and this really affects my photography. For example, I am always terrified of taking my camera and shoot outside my house. I am not strong enough to overcome the fear of street photography, or simply somebody else watching me while shooting. I consider this to be my worst quality.

    My best quality is probably the fact that I am a good listener, since I’m so shy and reserved, I don’t talk much, so most people come to me and just say what’s on their mind knowing that I will listen.

    5 words: Introverted, kind, observing, simple, creative

    Thank you.

  67. Worst quality: Procrastination due to fear

    Best Quality: Being creative and enthusiastic

    Im creative peaceful, perseverence , insightful, excited

  68. ~Worst Quality: Fear, I fear more things than not in life, I am constantly working on this and pushing myself outside of my comfort zone in life and my work!

    ~Best Quality: Passion, I have a passion for my work and I am willing to do whatever it takes to succeed and grow in my work. I never want to stop learning and growing.

    ~Passionate, inspired, quiet, dreamer, anxious.

  69. I love you your posts so so so much.

    I think I’m a sensitive person, ant it affects my hole life, so maybe…

    My worst quality: is that maybe when I go through a bad period in my life, I suffer more than necessary.

    My best quality: When I go through a good period, I’m the happiest person of the world, and I enjoy it so much.

    5 words: Sensitive, creative, reflexive, empathic and messy.

    Thank you, Brooke.

  70. I know I’m a little late to this but I did promise I’d be back when I had time and at the very least I find these types of exercises interesting when approached in a vulnerable state. So here we go,

    Best Quality: I’d say my best quality is that I’m always aware of different perspectives. (Some would say, “To a fault.”.)

    Worst Quality: I always expect people to do “the right thing”. I’m often disappointed.

    Five words that would describe me: Curious, Adventurous, Driven, Kind, and Honorable.

    Well, there ya go. My first “official” comment on your blog. Here’s to many more and I hope your having a great day.

  71. Worst, procrastination… When I get stressed I want to just forget about the problem and do something fun.

    Best, I put everything into my relationships.

    Fun, outdoorsy, honest, creative, extroverted

  72. Worst quality: I trust everyone in good faith

    Best quality: I love everyone and see the beauty in everything

    5 words: loving, giving, beautiful, warm, creative

  73. Worst Quality: Not having the confidence that I need to over come the fear of failing. The lacking of believing in one’s self, causes a person not to want to take action, and even though I know this, it;s still hard to move forward and overcome the fear.

    Best Quality: Im a people pleaser, and I take the time to listen and encourage people to follow there dreams, no matter how silly, it may sound to others. I’m generous and I’m always willing to help others in need.

    5 Words: Passionate, motivated, perfectionist, loyal, caring

  74. My worst quality:
    My craving for self-destruction. I always destroy what I have built for myself and then need a long time to give it another try…with the same result – destruction.

    My best quality:
    My empathy for other people and how I see the best in everyone.

    5 words:
    Dreamer, sensitive, kind, introverted, lazy.

  75. Seems there is trouble for us all limiting to one trait…

    And so… my series of best include: patience, calmness and loyalty (easy to list simple words here…)

    I battle wether my sensitivity is a good or bad trait… I hold to it as though it’s good, but experience sets it in the bad trait category. Sensitivity lends to being hurt. When I’m hurt I stumble and don’t reach the goals I aim for… when I’m hurt I also get defensive which may be my single worst trait. I’m also a sloppy dresser and bite my nails when it’s cold.

    Simply stated in five words: female, adventerous, imaginative and artsy-fartsy

    Thank you for inviting a platform to release these thoughts.

    Blessed be,

  76. You are so amazing Brooke!!I am in love of your work!

    My worst quality is that I am lost right now.. I love photography and I’d like to learn more about it, people say that I have improved a lot in short time but I studied engineering and I know that I can’t do everything.. =( but I’d like to find the way

    My best quality is I can be sad or happy, I always have a smile

    5 words: creative, multifaceted, dreamer, sensitive, caring

  77. Best quality: my passions

    Worst quality: my insecurities

    5 words: artist, healer, passionate, fighter, animals (friend of).

    Thanks Brooke! I always love your posts πŸ™‚

  78. My worst quality: anger. I can be quick to anger, and I have little patience. Its something I have struggled to overcome and causes a lot of friction in my life.

    My best quality: determination. I am able to achieve goals I set for myself even against significant challenges. It is what has helped me to survive, become successful, and to heal.

    5 words that I would use to describe myself: strong, stubborn, scarred, caring, hopeful.

  79. My worst quality: My lack of belief that the things I do/create are actually good and worth putting out into the world.

    My best quality: My love for people close to me and the passion I put out their to make them know it.

    5 words: hopeful, happy, inspired, determined, loving

  80. oh this is hard to face! But I get it and I love reading all the others:

    Okay here goes:

    My worst quality: I am not a trusting person. I don’t trust anyone in fact except myself and God. I have been abused in my life by my own parents, let down so many times by people I trusted loved. I simply cannot trust anyone.

    My best quality: I am loyal and never lie. If I do make a friend I am loyal to the end of the earth for them. I am loyal to my children in being the best mother, the mother I never had. I don’t lie. I hate lies. Its been the thing I have carried with me since childhood that still at 30 years old I can say, I do not lie.

    5 words to describe myself: Survivor, Giving, Faithful, Strong minded, evolving

  81. It’s afternoon here in Sweden and I’m about to finish work. Stumbled across your blog – god knows why I haven’t seen it before as I’m following you on FB! Anyway, started reading some of your blog posts and you make me feel so inspired – to go out creating, following my dreams. Came to this post about best and worst qualities – and it made me stop and think. It’s hard to put such things in writing, but at the same time it’s good to actually do that – it makes you look upon yourself from the outside.
    So here we go.
    My worst quality: I don’t fully believe in myself and my abilities, and when things in life don’t turn out as a dreamed of I tend to find someone else to blame it on in my mind. I have to find a way to stop that as that road sure leads to bitterness.
    My best quality: My mind went blank here. I can’t think of any right now – I’d love to say I’m caring and kind, but then I think of situations when I’m selfish and hurt people. I’d love to say I’m a good mother, but then I think of the times when I prioritize work over playing with my children. So hey, I need to think a bit more about that one.
    And me? Mother, wife, daughter, traveller and dreamer.

    Thanks for inspiring me to take a moment on reflection.

  82. Worst: I don’t handle real responsibility well or take responsibility for my actions, thoughts and emotions.

    Best: I live in a constant state of imagination and i have finally embraced it and love it.

    5 works about me: childlike, loner, creative, passionate, dreamer

  83. My worst quality:
    I tend to push myself too hard and overwork, and expect it from others too.

    My best quality:
    I am open and strong drive for learning and personal growth.

    5 Words:
    Curious, joyful, focused, sensitive, creative

  84. I’m a little late to the game here (as I just found your blog and site, BUT…)

    My worst quality : I don’t believe in myself and so I procrastinate until the last minute when the deadline is looming and the stress is almost unbearable and I have to drink coffee and stay awake for a week to get things done.

    My best quality : Hmm… it’s funny, this one is harder. It’s easier to belittle yourself than it is to pat yourself on the back. I need to work on this. I have many good qualities… I’m kind and caring and funny and a dreamer… but my best? I don’t know.

    5 words:

    friendly, imaginative, strong, careful, … but afraid.

    (Which is why I liked your blog on fear and turning the What if statements from bad to good. What if I completed my project this year? What if I gained more business? What if I got everything I wanted this year? … What if… πŸ™‚ )

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