Climb or Ride

Climb or Ride

When you’re at the bottom of a mountain and you look up, you can’t see every rock and stone or path. You see the peak, how distant it looks, and very often, an insurmountable task ahead. It may not be immediately obvious how to start climbing. It may be that you see people at the top and project your insecurities onto them, thinking about how great they must be, and how small you must look to them.

What we can’t guess at is how they got to the top. Was it a tough climb or an easy ride, air lifted to the top? The answer is irrelevant. Regardless of how it happened, they got there. And similarly, you can choose to climb or ride. The only difference is that the ride may never come.

Sometimes we lie to ourselves by reassuring our injured egos that a person who has accomplished more was simply given a break, and they didn’t work hard to get there. This is usually a lie, and even if it wasn’t, it has no impact on your life or your journey. Because while there are many ways to get to the top of your mountain, there is only one way that you can choose…to climb.


2 thoughts on “Climb or Ride

  1. A few more beautiful and wise words! So! Let’s climb people! No excuses or lies! I’m climbing this mountain and want to get up there to the top, but as I did not see all the rocks (as geologist I should have seen 🙂 ) or the path, and therefore I stumbled on a rock, as I told you. But I got up and continued to climb. And the result was that, just right now, I finalize a new image. Tomorrow I will share, because as you teach me, I’m going to sleep and ponder over the final image. 😉 <3

  2. What am amazing way of looking at life and I can so relate. I have climbed my entire life – and when I have reached a peak – I have looked up and seen another peak I wanted to reach, and I started to climb again. There are really no free rides in this world – and people who actually climb realize this at some point and keep climbing!

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