Promoting Passion Week 75: Passion How & Why

Promoting Passion Week 75: Passion How & Why

I get asked often how I found my passion. At first I had no idea how to answer. In so many ways I seemed to stumble into it unknowing. But the truth is, very few people simply stumble into what they love. They are pushed in that direction, by their own hand or someone else’s guidance, based on who they are inherently. A passion is not a hobby, it is something you can’t live without. It is the thing that makes you feel more like yourself than most other things. So when I think about what my passion is, I realize that it has been with me most of my life.

My first love was writing. After that it was filmmaking. And only after that was it photography. I thought, for the first few years of my career, that photography was my passion. But what if photography fades from my life? What if I suddenly find myself without a camera in my hand? Will that mean that I’ve lost my passion? I don’t believe so. Passion is deeper than the medium you create with, or the job you go to. It is the reason behind doing that thing that you’ve grown so accustomed to. And with that comes the willingness to change the way you manifest that thing. It is the why, the behind-the-scenes brain-work that lifts your life off the ground. It is your imagination fed. Passion can never be lost. It might hide, but it is never gone.

My passion is storytelling. It is making others see beauty in darkness. It is shedding light on those things which many people shy away from. My passion is not photography. My passion is sending messages.

If you are trying to find your passion, I suggest a few different methods to hone in on something. And you must promise me a few key things. First, you will try hard. And I mean really hard. Try so hard that it tires you out. Fail so often that you cry. It is better than never trying hard enough to find the soul of your soul. Learn every day. Never stop seeking knowledge. Believe that you have a passion. It might not be obvious, but then again, all of the best things lie “in secret, between the shadow and the soul”, as Pablo Neruda would put it (and was also part of my wedding vows).

1. Try Harder

Seriously. I mean, really. Try to find your passion. Try everything until something sticks. Motivate yourself. Search.

2. Learn More

Seek knowledge. Never believe it is a good time to stop learning. The more you know…

3. Define Your Strengths

If you know what you are naturally good at, you know how to begin finding your passion. Do what you’re good at. Do what makes you happiest, and go from there.

4. Join Meetups/Clubs

Find like-minded people to encourage you into a certain activity, hobby, passion, etc. The more people there are to make learning fun, the more likely you are to stick with a new project.

5. Ask WHY More Often

Question what it is about a certain thing that you like so much. I could easily say that Photography is my passion, when in fact, I don’t enjoy clicking a camera and going out on shoots nearly as much as I love the story behind why I’m creating. When you ask WHY, you know WHY.

6. Find Your Message

You have something to say that someone needs to hear. Guaranteed. Don’t argue with me.

7. Stop Making Assumptions

Never assume that you simply don’t have passion. The moment you allow that excuse to slip off of your lips you can rest assured you have gone off the deep end and you are almost certainly doomed to spend the rest of your life doing something that doesn’t fulfill you. That might be an exaggeration.

8. Believe in Imagination

One of the biggest problems that a lot of people have is not believing that they can dream big or that their imagination is worth as much as someone else’s. Passion requires imagination, not just to come up with what it is that you love, but to pursue it. Creativity is kind in a world where entrepreneurs and passion-go-getters are rewarded. So put stock in imagination. Believe you have enough of it to get in the game.

Model: Jen Brook

9 thoughts on “Promoting Passion Week 75: Passion How & Why

  1. Lovely image Brooke. I love the tones and the elegance of the movement of the fabric. Wonderful!
    Thank you for this post. For me, it is not a question of not knowing what my passion is, or what provides inspiration, or to feel filled with passion and inspiration… I am blessed and grateful to have both in constant abundance and know what triggers to draw on to be filled with more… What sometimes gets me down though is that others do not understand me for this. They find the force of my passion and inspiration as something scary or off-putting. Often I am told that this makes people scared of me, or they are afraid to approach me as a result… I have to really dig deep for this and partly guide people in understanding me and mostly just owning it 😉 Over the last few months I have been put into a sad and horrible situation that has made realize that I am an all or nothing person… and my default is to give it all. It is this knowledge that is giving the strength and courage to follow my heart…
    Love & Light

  2. I just have to say, yet again…that you are a true inspiration. You always seem to say the right things in the right time.
    And I that photograph is so so powerful that I have kept just staring it, and I am sure I will keep coming back to stare that.

    Have a wonderful week and thank you for being you!


  3. Lovely video, as always! I find it quite hard to narrow down my passion into one thing, I know roughly what it is. And I am still trying to figure out how photography is the medium… I love making images but I want to get a more clear message, related to my passion. I want to help people see the world in a new way, I want to make someone think about the topics that I write about in a new way. I want the world to be a compassionate and safe place, with different values than the ones ruling the world right now. I want people to understand what it’s like to be on the outside looking in, and have more compassion for the lost in this society. I want to move towards a lifestyle that will speak of that, that is when I will find fulfillment I think. So I have found my passion, but I need to learn how to live it also. And as I said, narrow it down a bit ;).

  4. I love this blog post/video so much, I wish everyone in the world would watch it. You always give me that kick in the butt that I need. This made me realize that I haven’t been trying hard enough and now that I know it, I feel an urgent need to change that, to work harder and try harder.

    I’m passionate about creating personal images. Images that conveys how I feel. I’m passionate about the process of creation. I find that I’m happiest when I’m setting up a shoot because all I’m thinking about is creating. The other day I had this random thought, that I’m creating stuff that hasn’t existed in the world before, I’m making something out of nothing and even if it completely sucks, I brought something into existence. It sounds silly when I try to explain it, but it almost felt like a revelation.

    I miss you and I hope you’re having a lovely time in Australia! <3

  5. The Margherita has said it all about the image, left me just add that I feel an enormous power get out of this image. This image, embellish even more this post. I love it! A few days ago I commented with someone, about my path, until I discover my passion. I also started writing, but in my case it was poetry. Then I started painting in oil and began to realize that my path was the arts, no doubt! And through the arts, create. That is the magic word in my life. But stupid, I ended up studying engineering! But that’s another story! In high school, I studied arts and that’s when I discovered photography. Photography is my passion and is through photography that I feel happier and someone. But for a long time I did not have a camera to take pictures. But that did not make this passion for photography, which always stuck with me, died. To feed this passion, I attended many photography exhibitions, read books and magazines about photography until I could buy a camera and express myself through it. 3 years ago I discovered that my passion was incomplete, despite feeling happy. To find you, Brooke, gave another dimension to my photography. You showed my path on the photography and so I am eternally grateful to you. Create through photography is my passion. And indeed this passion is not a hobby, but a way for me to be in life with a purpose. But what if I now lost my camera? That would be like losing a bit of me, but it does certainly mean the end of everything.

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