Collaboration with David Limrite

Collaboration with David Limrite

Many moons ago I found myself teaching a teen photography class in Los Angeles. It was a something I wanted to do because, quite simply, I had never done it before. I wanted to see if I liked teaching that age group, and if holding a fairly regular teaching position would be for me. I only lasted one semester and found myself restless with the schedule, but it did connect me with a fabulous artist named David Limrite. He and I began a collaboration, which I wish I had kept going longer, and here I share that with you.

I took pictures and he painted on them, and in turn he painted me backgrounds to put people into. I never fulfilled that part of the experiment, but what we did finish was a wonderful melding of technique and concept. I am proud to share these images that we made together, a real collaboration between two artists with very different mediums but a very similar message. What he does with painting is what my imagination manifests when I think of the most interesting world I can envision. It is an honor to have his paint on my pixels.

What collaborations have you been involved with?
Share links/pics if you have them!

Model (top picture): Andrea Pun
Model (bottom picture): Self-portrait

4 thoughts on “Collaboration with David Limrite

  1. I am doing a collaboration tomorrow with an old school friend of mine who’s hoping to become an actress and wanted experience modelling and getting photos for her CV. She’s so lovely and we’ve worked together before. Got 3 bunches of flowers today for about £2 *bargain* and hoping to make a flower crown out of them and use the rest for the location. She’s wanting to use her prom dress some more which is very princess looking which would match with the flowers to create a flower princess look! Very excited to try something more fashion based and see what kind of results I can get. Been wanted to create images like these for ages so very excited! 🙂 love these images and the use of mixed media. So expressive and really inspiring <3

  2. This is pretty darn cool Brooke! Love the extra dimension the painting adds. Must look amazing as a print.

    I consider all my work with a model as collaborations. As a loner I struggle to let people in, so working with models was a very different vibe for me. A good one though in many ways.

  3. Love both of these. Can’t figure out which is my favorite! Have you ever tried that method where wax is painted over an image for textures? I want to try that! Can’t remember the name of the method.

  4. Those are lovely! I had never thought of doing that.
    I don’t really have any artist friends that I know in person, so I don’t have anyone to collaborate with. But it would definitely be fun. 🙂

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