Music Video for Message to Bears: At a Glance

Music Video for Message to Bears: At a Glance

As many of you know I used to study filmmaking. When I was in college I focused on writing and cinematography, receiving degrees in film, English, and a minor in creative writing. These things have long been my passion, but when I graduated from my university I quickly gave them up in favor of photography, which I have pursued since then. Last year I got the itch. A little voice in my mind told me I should start making films again. I was increasingly having ideas that were much better put to music, or seen in a sequence of moving pictures. I decided that the best way to begin would be to direct a music video – something small with people I know and trust to help me create art. And so I did!

Last October I got together with my friend Devin, whom I trust in any video-related scenario, utterly, and I told him my idea. Weeks later I was in Los Angeles with my little cast and crew as we began creating a video for one of my favorite songs. It was a little labor of love, and marked a step back into my passion, or at least what it used to be and still can be.

Isn’t it funny how we somehow decide what we are or what we should be, and any other dreams feel so far away – indeed, too far to pursue, surely. But deep down, if we set out with the intention of never defining ourselves, we find a great capacity for growing with our ambitions. Our greatest dreams can come true at any point in our lives, whether it fits a predisposed timeline or not. I thought I was going to be a filmmaker. I was fiercely determined. When I graduated and didn’t pursue that career, everyone that knew me was dumbfounded. “But what is that degree for, then!?” they would exclaim. I would look away, never making eye-contact, feeling ashamed, and mutter that I didn’t know. And we don’t have to.

Here I am, seven years later, diving back in to something I fell in love with when I was a teenager. It is never too late. It is never too early. Time should never factor in to our dreams, hopes, desires, wishes, or any other whimsical thought. Time is steadfast; let’s ride on the winds of our greatest whims and see where it takes us. You just might find yourself embodying the person you used to be, or falling into the person you want to be. I find myself as a 17-year-old girl again, fresh with the excitement of what filmmaking could be. No limitations, no fear of risk, no expectations weighing me down. No need to make money with every project, no need to prove myself, no need to be something that I know I am not nor want to be.

The lyrics to this song say “Don’t be scared, it’s alright.” What an amazing way to begin again in a medium that I have such history with. Don’t be scared. Don’t be scared. Everything turns out alright in the end. It is a calming, beautiful message and I am so glad to have the artist’s blessing to share that message with you. Jerome, of Message to Bears, has written with his joyful approval to share this video, and so I present to you my music video for “At a Glance”.

Writer/Director: Brooke Shaden
Director of Photography & Editor: Devin Schiro
Producers: Kelly McGrady, KD Stapleton
Stylist: Laura Behary
Cast: Lola Clark, Danielle Clark
Steadicam Operator: Brandon Toy
Music by: Message to Bears, “At a Glance”

23 thoughts on “Music Video for Message to Bears: At a Glance

  1. Beautifully realized and rendered: thank you Brooke for sharing your gift with us! Not only have you inspired our young daughters to be creative storytellers, you’ve rekindled my own love for cinema. Lola, Danielle, and I loved working with you, and we’re proud to have been a part of this project, and proud of you for returning to filmmaking!

    1. You and your girls are simply the best and I am so grateful to be able to share memories with each of you! Thank you for all of your efforts and for being so kind!

  2. I love it! Well done Brooke! I agree with your words when you say: “Time should never factor in to our dreams, hopes, desires, wishes, or any other whimsical thought.” There will be a behind the scenes? How I’d love to see that 17 year old girl with all her excitement! Congratulations for another great work. <3

    1. Hi Paulo!! Thank you so much for being so kind! I wish I had more BTS for this one…but I do have BTS for the next one that is forthcoming, and I can’t wait to share. I’m very excitable 😀

  3. Job well done. I see you have a gift and why you want to use it, good for you. I agree when you wrote, “It’s never too late and it’s never to early”. As a school counselor for K- 8TH graders I want them to learn to never give up on self. Thanks for sharing your gift.

    1. I love that you teach that to the students at your school. My hat is off to you for being a light for those kids. XO!

  4. This is wonderful! Hints of darkness but filled with that fearlessness inspired by eternal hope. Your signature is embedded in every aspect of this video, Brooke, even as you push in new directions. Had I stumbled upon this I’d be sending you the link and saying, “You gotta check this out! You’re going to love it!”

    Will you ever share those dark little vids from the “assisted living” days? I’m sure I’d enjoy them! 🙂

    1. Aww thank you Tim! I wasn’t sure how a video in this format – clearly narrative – would turn out (if it would match “me” or not), so thank you for saying so! I will attempt to find those videos and if I can, I’ll share them! <3

  5. It is through creating that I am not scared and I know it will be ok… Love the mood this video evokes Brooke… the innocence and wonder created is just wonderful. Emotive and moving. And oh the wonderful childhood memory it made me remember of writing a note and burying it…

    1. Agree – the message of this song is so beautiful. I listen to it every single day to remind myself. Love to you always Margherita! One day I’ll come visit 🙂

      1. I’m holding you to that dear Brooke! My home and heart are open for you always… I’m hoping to be back in the UK in September and possibly some of October. Let me know if you’ll be around there then. Perhaps we can meet there! It’s half way for each of us 😉 xx

  6. Terrific Brooke, beautifully done! Congrats on returning to your roots, my you’re on a journey. Hats off to the producers too! 😉

    1. Thank you Mike! We had a really fun time filming it. It is nice to feel part of a team sometimes 🙂

  7. Dang nabit! Your video nearly made me tear up!
    I knew you had a degree in cinematography, and it was your first art love. But WOW, I didn’t see this coming. It is outstanding work, I watched twice and loved everything about it both times! Those little girls did an incredible job conveying emotion, they may have themselves a career in acting. You did a great job casting.
    I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.
    A big hug and congratulations on a job well done. 🙂

  8. Brooke

    I was driving this morning and thinking why not take a chance and be the artist you really wanted to be.

    I got to work opened my computer to find your beautiful video and blog.

    Thank you for your generosity and continued inspiration.

  9. Can’t stop watching this! I have been struggling with my anxiety demons spiraling out of control lately. This video and song…the lyrics. I just bawl. I feel like I’m drowning. Like I want to hide in my house forever. I’m still making myself push past the discomfort but it is mighty hard. As I push along, trying to encourage others by sharing that they are not alone. That I may look perfectly normal but to not judge a book by its cover and to always be kind to everyone.

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