Creating Butterflies

Creating Butterflies

How often do we allow ourselves to hide away for a while and come out again with a renewed sense of self? We fear change because it seems so final and so out of our control, when neither of those things are often true. Change is the most brilliant thing that is in our control. We have the power to be someone else entirely, should we want to be. I am uplifted and inspired every time I think about how much of an impact change can have on my life, and how I can be the one in control of it.

I can’t help but love to use butterflies in my work because of this exact sentiment. The idea of metamorphosis is so often pushed past because, well, who has time for it? Many do not have the luxury of reflecting on life and making solid changes…or at least it seems that way. It doesn’t have to take long at all, but it should happen. Because if we aren’t thinking about being someone better than who we are now, where is the growth?

This relates so well to any type of creative endeavor. For me, it’s photography. I create best when I am growing and when I understand who I am and what I want to say. I could never understand that if I didn’t take time to cocoon myself and reflect and ultimately, grow.

I will never take my best picture because each one moves me further in the direction of my dreams, which are always growing and expanding.

Just like these butterflies coming from the imagination and moving outward, so do the ideas and dreams in my mind. They spread their wings and move on to further reaches of the world to make room for more. We are always moving forward, and keeping all of those butterflies trapped within will only kill them.


7 thoughts on “Creating Butterflies

  1. I needed these words right now, so thank you for sharing them. You’re a lovely soul, and I am continually inspired by your beautiful images and just as beautiful words.

  2. I am excited to be going through a rebirth in a sense, after the end of a long relationship and adjusting to a new life. I am embracing change and reinventing myself to allow my creative light to shine.
    You are an inspiration, thank you!

  3. So beautifully said! I loved watching your Creative Live class, and it’s great to see this photo completed. From the moment you started setting up the shoot I felt an instant connection to the theme of butterflies coming from the girl’s imagination. That class was my first introduction to you and your work, and I’ve been following you ever since — you are such an inspiration! Thank you for sharing what you do with the world and for, well… promoting passion! You’ve certainly promoted my passion, and I can’t wait to be more creative with my photography.

  4. The idea of change and moving forward has been beautifully expressed in words and in picture. Spending the last two days attending your workshop at GPP 2014 has been really inspiring and I believe this experience is going to let me come out of my cocoon 🙂 You are a wonderful soul and I am glad to have met you.

  5. Now this turned out differently to what I was expecting! As always Brooke, I love the tones and colours you use in your images. Also really like how much texture you gave the wall – it almost looks like wallpaper. I am glad you cropped this they way you did as from the CreativeLive setup, the position of the legs bothered me somewhat. Beautiful result and love the theme behind this…

  6. This is quite a stunning image. I had a totally different idea of how it would turn out…but as always…this is just too beautiful! The tones and the colors just blow me away.

    Thanks for always sharing your beautiful inspiration!

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