Dress Sale for School in India

Dress Sale for School in India

Two things happened this week.

1) I realized I had way too many dresses compared to the amount of closet space (case in point, the trunk of my car has become extra storage).

2) I realized I could raise a little more money for the school I’m helping to create in India (watch the video about it below!) if I sold some of those dresses.


If you’d like to bid on any of these, all money is going to the school and I would be so appreciative. And my husband would be too, because he would like possession of the closet space back.

If anyone else has a costume or prop that you’d like to sell for the charity, you can link to your Ebay below so others can find it. That’d be super awesome! The school needs all the help it can get. Or if you’d care to make a private donation, email me through my website and I can give you all the info for non-profit donations.



10 thoughts on “Dress Sale for School in India

  1. Hello Brooke,

    The links drive me on error pages 🙁 I can’t see dresses in details on selling page
    I’m in France, maybe it doesn’t work with my country ?

    Thank you !

    1. Hi Raphaelle! Oh no! I think that might be the case. They have been working for others. I’m so sorry!

  2. Hmm, I was at a vintage shop 30 minutes ago but didn’t buy anything because there was so much to see and too little time. Now I’ll have to shop online. 😀

  3. can’t believe how many bids there are on these dresses! going to such a great cause, can you donate in £’s because I’m from the UK and would love to help! They are so beautiful, hardly sell any like that around here XD

  4. I won the bidding for the top right silk wedding dress. I will share pictures when I use it in a future shoot.

    I would love to know any background about it and how you had used it.


  5. I won the red dress!
    I would love to see a photo that you may have done with it. I plan on displaying the dress in my gallery next to any image I do with it. 🙂

  6. I think this is so great of you Brooke. I’ve only just stumbled across this and I’m devastated to find that you no longer have any dresses on your ebay! I’ve followed your channel regardless though, but I was just wondering – will you be selling any more? If so I’m so, so interested in buying them!

    Thanks a lot lovely,

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